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Founded by the College Council in 1987, the Foundation provides fiscal support for the College to assist the on-going provision of a Christian education and safeguard the financial independence of PLC Sydney.

Two Deeds of Trust were established:

  • The Building Trust – which incorporates a Building Fund and Scholarship Fund
  • The Education Trust – which incorporates an Education Fund

The Board of Management is the decision making body of the Foundation. It oversees and monitors the function of the Foundation, regulates the meetings, considers resolutions recommended by each sub-committee and takes the final decision to ratify, amend or veto each matter.

From time to time, the College faces challenges to provide new or improved facilities. When the need arises, Capital Appeals are launched to raise funds.

The Foundation offers support in many other ways:

  • Each year the Foundation provides grants for students to attend extensive exchange programs. They help to keep these long trips affordable for families.

  • Their partnership in school improvement is excellent. For example, students who have won an honour such as being eligible for the National Youth Science Forum, can apply through the principal for funding. Their funding over the past six years has been significant for the College. The Foundation has enabled an increasing number of girls to experience Science at the highest level. This, alongside our curriculum developments, quality teaching and spirit of adventure in the STEM area, has led to a real blossoming of the sciences at PLC Sydney. We have achieved remarkable results. 

  • The Foundation has supported initiatives in Service Learning, the Junior School, English, Mathematics, Social Science, History, PDHPE, Languages, the Arts and Technology and Staff Professional Development.

Donations to the Building and Scholarships Funds are of great value to the future of the College – they are tax deductible.

Foundation meetings are held in February, May, August and November each year.


To contact the Foundation or to find out more about what the Foundation does and how to get involved, please click here.