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Extension of existing change room facilities

The proposed development is required as part of the upgrade of the existing change room facilities on the ground floor of the 1980s Thompson Hall building. Thompson Hall, is located on the western side of the the main campus, to the north of Drummond Field, and to the south-west of Shubra Hall.

Thompson Hall is a gymnasium and multi-purpose hall which was constructed in 1985. The upgrade and extension, which is required to provide more modern facilities, as well as equitable access for the students and community members who use the gymnasium, involves the infill of an existing covered walkway that leads to the gymnasium. 

 Thompson Hall upgrade  Thompson Hall change room extension

Location of works within the existing covered Thompson Hall walkway 

 The proposed works can be generally summarised as:

  • Removing a portion of the existing external change room wall
  • Constructing new walls between the existing walkway columns to create a new internal space, including installing new windows to match the existing
  • The materiality of the new walls and windows will be in line with the existing brickwork and aluminium; and
  • Fitting out of the change room new space.

Based on the key environmental aspects presented within the Review of Environmental Factors document, it is concluded that by adopting the mitigation measures identified in this assessment, it is unlikely that there will be any significant environmental impacts associated with the proposal.

To view the proposed plans and associated appendices, please click and download the following:

download-icon Decision Statement 

download-icon Appendix 1 - Planning Certificates 

download-icon Appendix 2 - Architectural Plans 

download-icon Appendix 3 - BCA statement

download-icon Appendix 3 - BCA 

download-icon Appendix 4 - Heritage Statement 

download-icon Appendix 5 - Council Consultation letter 

download-icon Appendix 6 - Council email response

download-icon Appendix 7 - Construction Environmental Management