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Alpha and Omega Centre

Planned for 2023, this state-of-the-art facility will house both STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and PaTh (Philosophy and Theology) classrooms, an Agora (an external Amphitheatre where debating, discussion and parliamentary-style public meetings will take place) as well as a Resource Hub, Exhibition Space, Research facilities (for our Scientists in Residence), senior private study area, staffrooms with associated amenities and breakout areas.  


Within this facility we seek to:

  • Create a culture of discussion about the big questions of life and the process of how we learn about life
  • Hold conferences and forums
  • Increase the role of the Student Representative Council within the College and host its meetings
  • Hold high-quality lessons in each area represented
  • Connect to tertiary learning
  • Introduce Engineering as a subject Teach NESA and Cambridge courses
  • Have a fourth dedicated space for senior students to study that would be open extended hours
  • Let the Walls Speak’ – presenting significant discussions on the walls - artwork.
To view the proposed plans for the Alpha and Omega Centre, please click and download the following:

download-icon Street view 1 of the Alpha and Omega Centre

download-icon Street view 2 of the Alpha and Omega Centre

download-icon Internal view of the Alpha and Omega Centre

download-icon College Street elevation of the Alpha and Omega Centre

download-icon Site Plan of the Alpha and Omega Centre