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Preparing for Boarding

To prepare for boarding life, it is recommended that students learn to do a certain amount of self care to make their transition easier:

  • Communications is the most important issue in boarding
  • Make their own bed
  • Care for and organise their own belongings, pack their own school bag daily
  • Maintain a tidy room
  • Willingly to socialise and mix with others
  • Willingly to hold a conversation with someone new
  • Know how to use an iron correctly 
  • Be able to manage a washing machine and clothes dryer

We recommend parents discuss the following issues with boarding students before they arrive at the Boarding House:

  • Taking part in activities and balancing leisure with studies
  • Personal hygiene – showering daily, using deodorant and managing menstruation
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Asking for help when feeling lost, overwhelmed or worried 
  • Dangers of the internet and appropriate use of technology and social media
  • Budgeting, is a very important skill when the girls are at school
  • Why you have chosen or agreed to boarding for your daughter and how you will be supporting this decision as a family?
  • Always have an open mind and sense of adventure.