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Holidays/Leave Routine

All students must be signed in and out of the Boarding House by a staff member any time they take leave, Parents/guardians must always come into the Boarding House to collect or return boarders.

Weekend Overnight Leave

All leave request forms are to be authorised by a parent or guardian living in Australia. Forms should be completed and returned to the Boarding House Office by Wednesday afternoon. If visiting a friend’s home, an invitation from the friend’s parent is required in addition to the leave request form.

Weekend Day Leave 

Year 7 to 11 boarders must have the Parental Permission Form signed and be escorted by an adult. Boarders must return to the Boarding House by 9.30 pm. Year 12 students may negotiate special leave with the Director of Boarding on Wednesday for weekend movie/dinner leave. Unaccompanied Year 11 and 12 must be in the Boarding House by 5.20 pm.

Day Leave during school hours

Requests for day leave during school hours should be sent to the Boarding House Office and approval given by the Head of Senior School. Overnight leave during the week may be permitted under special circumstances.

Afternoon Street Leave

Boarders may go out for afternoon tea or dinner with family members under special circumstances and at the discretion of the Director of Boarding. Boarders are also able to visit neighbouring areas including Croydon, Burwood, Ashfield and the city after school. All boarders must be signed out on departure and signed in on return.


School holidays allow boarders the opportunity to spend time at home with family and friends. The Boarding House does not remain open during school holidays. All holiday arrangements should be sent to the Boarding House Office at least one week prior to the start of the holidays.

download-icon For more information on our leave and holiday routine, please download our Boarders' Handbook here (PDF 4.3MB)