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All boarders are encouraged to take part in all Boarding House activities. Each term a calendar of weekend activities for Years 7 to 9 is drawn up and students are able to plan their weekends around these activities. This list is created with input from the Boarders’ Committee. 

All activities are designed to be interesting, fun learning experiences and boarders will need sufficient funds to cover these activities.

Boarders are strongly encouraged to participate in a team sport and co-curricular activities. Students need to arrange travel to these events with their coaches, teams or guardians, in consultation with the Director of Boarding. All boarders are required to participate in sporting teams each semester.

Other activities may include such things as ice-skating, movies, markets, ferry trips, etc. There are several full house activities throughout the year that all boarders are required to attend. Boarders are invited by other schools to attend dances and these are built into the social calendar as often as possible.