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Stories from the Archives

Attached Below are a series of interesting stories and facts about the history of PLC Sydney over the past few years.  


download-icon Miss Hamilton 

download-icon Requisitioned: PLC Sydney during World War II

download-icon The Pet Show, contributing to our community

download-icon50 Years Since Man Landed on the Moon - Part 1(Please view online booklet below)

download-icon 50 Years Since Man Landed on the Moon - Part ii 

download-icon The Enduring Popularity of Tennis

download-icon Kinross of Kinross House

download-icon Dr Germaine Joplin - Geologist and STEM Pioneer

download-iconJersey Day: What's in a Name

download-icon Everywhere that Crinkle went...


download-icon The Armistice - as it happened at PLC Sydney 1918

download-icon A Recent Acquisition: 1942 Sports Blazer 

download-icon Dr Marden's Egyptian Collection

download-icon Miss Freda Whitlam's Contribution - Speech and Drama

download-icon Miss Freda Whitlam's Contribution - Pet Show

download-icon Miss Freda Whitlam's Contribution - Science

download-icon Remembering Miss Freda Whitlam AM 

download-icon Who is the Harper in Harper House?

download-icon 2018 Open Day History

download-icon 1969 Moon Landing

download-icon What is this thing called 'Jersey Day'?  

download-icon Junior School 1964


download-icon Lew Hoad visits PLC Sydney tennis in 1955 (PDF 582.5KB)

download-icon Who was John Hay Goodlet? (PDF 220.9KB)

download-icon Pet Show 2017 (PDF 210.3KB)

download-icon A Ticket to Ride (PDF 256.6KB)

download-icon Bessie Twigg Exam Time at PLC Sydney in 1912 (PDF 694.5KB)

download-icon Esme Pulsford: Best Holiday Ever 1931 (PDF 199.2KB)

download-iconEmmie Russell: Pioneer Orthoptist. (PDF 304.9KB)

download-icon Anzac Day 1917 (PDF 38.4KB)

download-icon Sybil Morrison, the first female Barrister in NSW (PDF 326.9KB)

download-icon Dr Daphne Elliott, Biochemist (PDF 253.4KB)


download-icon Prefects' Badge in 1917 (PDF 270.8KB)

download-icon Dr. E.N. McQueen, Principal from 1920 - 1929 (PDF 179.8KB)

download-icon Contributing to our Community - Pet Show (PDF 206.6KB)

download-icon Grace Thompson - World War 1 Nurse (PDF 209.4KB)

download-icon Who is the Anderson in Anderson House? (PDF 186.3KB)

download-icon The Barton Sisters (PDF 165.3KB)

download-icon Looking backwards to 1892 (PDF 169.3KB)

download-iconRuth Palmer, a Malta Heroine (PDF 252.2KB)

download-icon A Glimpse of PLC Sydney in the 1930s (PDF 115KB)


download-icon Athletics Carnivals (PDF 120.9KB)

download-iconPanama Hats at PLC Sydney (PDF 136.8KB)

download-icon World War 1 - Knitting for Victory (PDF 138KB)

download-icon Why do we call in Evandale? (PDF 166.6KB)

download-icon One of ours who served in World War 1 (PDF 73.5KB)

download-icon John Hay Goodlet (PDF 149.1KB)

download-icon Adelaide Elizabeth Perry (PDF 171.6KB)


download-icon Speech Day at PLC Sydney (PDF 147.9KB)

download-icon Centenary of WWI - the beginning. (PDF 172.3KB)

download-icon Meditating on the Beatles (PDF 186.5KB)

download-icon Authors in our midst? (PDF 120.9KB)

download-icon Who was Albert Bond? (PDF 227.1KB)


download-icon Celebrating 125 Years: What Christmas means to me    (PDF 110.4KB)

download-icon Celebrating 125 Years: Boy meets girl at the school dance (PDF 146.8KB)

download-icon Celebrating 125 Years: The Evolution of the Library (PDF 463.6KB)

download-icon Celebrating 125 Years: Facts and figures from years gone by (PDF 137.1KB)

download-icon Celebrating 125 Years: Drama's rich history (PDF 191.7KB)

download-icon Celebrating 125 Years: Life in the boarding house (PDF 187.7KB)

download-icon Celebrating 125 Years: The first swimming pool (PDF 198.6KB)  

download-icon Celebrating 125 Years: Who was Jean Devine? (PDF 78.9KB)

download-icon Celebrating 125 Years: Miss Flora Eldershaw, Educator Extraordinaire (PDF 111.1KB)

download-icon Celebrating 125 Years: Fernlea   (PDF 145.9KB)


download-icon PLC Sydney and the Olympics: Annabelle Williams (PDF 291.9KB)

download-icon PLC Sydney and the Olympics: Sydney 2000 Volunteers (PDF 768.8KB)

download-icon PLC Sydney and the Olympics: Emma Johnson (PDF 271.6KB)

download-icon PLC Sydney and the Olympics: Karen Moras-Stephenson (PDF 164.9KB)

download-icon PLC Sydney and the Olympics: Karen Pollock (née Brancourt) (PDF 232.4KB)

download-icon PLC Sydney and the Olympics: Nanette Thomas (née Duncan) (PDF 374.8KB)

download-icon PLC Sydney and the Olympics: Elizabeth Walker (née Fraser) (PDF 245.5KB)

download-icon PLC Sydney and the Olympics: Catherine Onslow (PDF 297.6KB)

download-icon PLC Sydney and the Olympics: Mina Wylie (PDF 173.2KB)

download-icon Remembering 1066 (PDF 171KB)

download-icon A Student Remembers School Days of the 1930s (PDF 244.8KB)