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On this site you will find information about our ex-students and joining the ESU, Ex-Students' Union. 

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Attached Below are a series of interesting stories and facts about the history of PLC Sydney over the past few years.  

Students and staff members may access more stories by going to Topic 13 "Stories from the Archives" in "PLC Sydney Archives" on the Portal. Jessie Aspinall, a pioneering doctor


download-icon Jessie Aspinall, a pioneering doctor 

download-icon Dreams than Embrace Us

download-icon Jersey Day - test yourself!

download-icon The College Organ

download-icon COVID-19 Pandemic Timeline (This document is as at: 3 May 2022)


download-iconMini Booth Prize Winner 1912

download-icon Behind the Scenes at the School Dance

download-icon The Story behind the Beads and Bronze

download-icon The Swinging Sixties

download-icon Three generations linked to the Great Barrier Reef Shell

download-icon Open Day - 5 interesting facts

download-icon An ANZAC Tradition

download-icon PLC Sydney in the Roaring 20s

download-icon Dorcas, a PLC Sydney tradition

download-icon 1961 Swimming Carnival 


download-icon Speech Day 1929

download-icon Schoolies

download-icon Burying the Time Capsule

download-icon PLC Sydney sets a Guinness World Record - August 2015

download-icon 2020 Influence as great as Marconi's!

download-icon Putting the Hemline Index to the Test

download-icon Recollections of a Boarder from the 1950s

download-icon Pandemic a Century Ago

download-icon Jersey Day FAQs

download-icon Who is the Pickard of Pickard House?


download-icon Miss Hamilton

download-icon Requisitioned: PLC Sydney during World War II

download-icon The Pet Show, contributing to our community

download-icon 50 Years Since Man Landed on the Moon - Part 1(Please view online booklet below)

download-icon 50 Years Since Man Landed on the Moon - Part ii 

download-icon The Enduring Popularity of Tennis

download-icon Kinross of Kinross House

download-icon Dr Germaine Joplin - Geologist and STEM Pioneer

download-icon Jersey Day: What's in a Name

download-icon Everywhere that Crinkle went...


download-icon The Armistice - as it happened at PLC Sydney 1918

download-icon A Recent Acquisition: 1942 Sports Blazer 

download-icon Dr Marden's Egyptian Collection

download-icon Miss Freda Whitlam's Contribution - Speech and Drama

download-icon Miss Freda Whitlam's Contribution - Pet Show

download-icon Miss Freda Whitlam's Contribution - Science

download-icon Remembering Miss Freda Whitlam AM 

download-icon Who is the Harper in Harper House?

download-icon 2018 Open Day History

download-icon 1969 Moon Landing

download-icon What is this thing called 'Jersey Day'?  

download-icon Junior School 1964


download-icon Lew Hoad visits PLC Sydney tennis in 1955 (PDF 582.5KB)

download-icon Who was John Hay Goodlet? (PDF 220.9KB)

download-icon Pet Show 2017 (PDF 210.3KB)

download-icon A Ticket to Ride (PDF 256.6KB)

download-icon Bessie Twigg Exam Time at PLC Sydney in 1912 (PDF 694.5KB)

download-icon Esme Pulsford: Best Holiday Ever 1931 (PDF 199.2KB)

download-icon Emmie Russell: Pioneer Orthoptist. (PDF 304.9KB)

download-icon Anzac Day 1917 (PDF 38.4KB)

download-icon Sybil Morrison, the first female Barrister in NSW (PDF 326.9KB)

download-icon Dr Daphne Elliott, Biochemist (PDF 253.4KB)


download-icon Prefects' Badge in 1917 (PDF 270.8KB)

download-icon Dr. E.N. McQueen, Principal from 1920 - 1929 (PDF 179.8KB)

download-icon Contributing to our Community - Pet Show (PDF 206.6KB)

download-icon Grace Thompson - World War 1 Nurse (PDF 209.4KB)

download-icon Who is the Anderson in Anderson House? (PDF 186.3KB)

download-icon The Barton Sisters (PDF 165.3KB)

download-icon Looking backwards to 1892 (PDF 169.3KB)

download-icon Ruth Palmer, a Malta Heroine (PDF 252.2KB)

download-icon A Glimpse of PLC Sydney in the 1930s (PDF 115KB)


download-icon Athletics Carnivals (PDF 120.9KB)

download-icon Panama Hats at PLC Sydney (PDF 136.8KB)

download-icon World War 1 - Knitting for Victory (PDF 138KB)

download-icon Why do we call in Evandale? (PDF 166.6KB)

download-icon One of ours who served in World War 1 (PDF 73.5KB)

download-icon John Hay Goodlet (PDF 149.1KB)

download-icon Adelaide Elizabeth Perry (PDF 171.6KB)