30 January 1888 – PLC Sydney founded in Ashfield as the first school established by the Presbyterian Church in NSW. Dr John Marden was the founding Principal.

1891 – The College moved to its present site in Croydon.

1893 – First issue of Aurora Australis was published.

1916 – The College opened a branch at Pymble and managed both campuses by the same College Council and Principal.

1919 – Dr Marden retired and was followed by Dr E. Neil McQueen.

1922 – Dr McQueen introduced the school’s own school certificate, awarded on the results of a student’s abilities in scholarship, sport and school life.

1924 – The Houses Ferguson, Harper and Kinross were established and continue to this day.

1926 – First school camp was introduced and took place at Mittagong. Vicars, McQueen and Thompson were established as Houses.

1929 – Following declining relations with the College Council, plummeting enrolments and rise in debt, Dr McQueen resigned. Miss Anna Drennan was appointed Acting Principal.

The Pymble campus became independent and was named Pymble Ladies’ College.  In May of 1929, The Presbyterian Ladies’ College of Croydon (PLC Sydney) and Pymble (PLC Pymble) separated and became colleges in their own right, governed by separate councils. The name Pymble Ladies' College was adopted in 1977, at the same time as the Uniting Church was formed. The Uniting Church was formed from the Congregational and Methodist denominations and some congregations of the Presbyterian church. In the Presbyterian church each congregation voted to join, or not join the union, but as some chose to remain Presbyterian, the schools (and other property assets) had to be divided. Hence PLC Sydney remained Presbyterian, while Pymble was awarded to the Uniting Church in Australia and became known as Pymble Ladies' College.

1932 – Miss Mary Hamilton became Principal. 

1938 – The College celebrated its jubilee and Australia’s 150th anniversary with a pageant Under This Gum Tree, written by Miss Flora Eldershaw, Senior Mistress.

1942 – Dr Helen Wilkie became Principal.
The College moved to Strathfield while the main campus was occupied by the RAAF and was used to house a radar unit during the war.

1946 – The College moved back to Croydon. Miss Eunice Macindoe became Principal.

1957 – Miss Jean Tassie served as Acting Principal.

1958 – Miss Freda Whitlam was appointed Principal.
A new three-storey classroom block was built.

1953 – The first Pet Show was hosted.

1961 – The Pet Show became an annual event.

1963 – The Junior School was developed.

1966 – A new uniform was introduced, first worn by Fifth Form students.

1967 – The first Sixth Form class was introduced.

1968 – Anderson House was formed. 

1977 – Mrs Norma Brown served as Acting Principal.

The Student Representative Council was established.

1978 – Miss Patricia Dyson was appointed Principal.

1983 – Harmsworth was purchased.

1986 – Dr William McKeith became Principal.
Harmsworth was renovated for Dr McKeith. As a married man with 3 little boys, he could not live in Shubra Hall as Miss Dyson, Miss Whitlam and others had done, so Harmsworth was renovated to be the Principal's residence.

1987 – Thompson Hall, the E Neil McQueen block and the Lindley Evans Music Centre were opened.

The first College Crow was published.

1988 – College centenary.

1989 – Drummond Field was opened.

1992 – The Macindoe Library was opened.
Evandale was purchased; the main entrance of the College was moved from Meta Street to Boundary Street.

1995 – The beret was removed from the school uniform.

1996 – Two new houses, Pickard and Wilkie, were established and continue to this day.

1998 – The Freda Whitlam School of Science was opened.
The first Year 12 graduation dinner was hosted.

2000 – The Croydon Art, Design and Technology Centre opened.

2003 – Arlington was purchased as the residence of the Principal.

2004 – The Pipe Band was established.

2005 – A strategic alliance with PLC Armidale was formed.

2006  - The JD Oates Aquatic Institute and the Performing Arts Centre was opened. 

2010 – The Macindoe Library was redeveloped and renamed as the Macindoe Research Centre.

2011 – Dr Paul Burgis was appointed Principal.