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The History of our Archives

The College’s impending centenary in 1988 was the catalyst to establish an Archives. Two members of College Council, Mrs Betty Drummond and Rev. Wallace Kirkby, approached staff member Mrs Jean Podimatopoulos at the close of Speech Day 1976 and asked if she would take on the task of setting up an Archives, especially to meet the needs of the centenary in 1988.

Mrs Podimatopoulos accepted the challenge and, with the initial help of outgoing Principal Miss Freda Whitlam, set about collecting, organising and storing materials. Indeed, Mrs Podi, as she was affectionately called, worked to establish and further develop the Archives for 30 years, until 2006.

Since its inception in 1976 the work of PLC Sydney Archives has been led by four Archivists: Jean Podimatopoulos, Anne Moss, Lorraine Ratcliffe and Debby Cramer.

In the early years, the Archives was housed in the little verandah room in Shubra Hall, an upstairs bedroom in Pickard House, a bedroom up the kitchen stairs and a little room near the Courtyard Room. Between 1987/1987 and 2017 the Archives was in the Stables. In November 2017 the Archives office and storage area moved to the recently completed Gateway building.

The Archives collects, processes and preserves selected non-current records, memorabilia and artefacts that document the founding, organisation, administration, growth and development, and people associated with the College. The Archives also seeks out material that exemplifies the social and/or cultural history of the College. It aims to preserve memories of school life and school activities. The collection includes written and printed documents, audio-visuals, photographs, objects, architectural plans, and items of school uniform.

The storage area, which adjoins the office, enjoys temperature and humidity control. Items from the collection are displayed in the Marden Heritage Centre.

Students, staff and members of the general public are welcome to visit the Archives to read and examine items of interest. Please contact the Archivist to confirm availability.


Open Tuesday and Thursday
Please contact the Archivist to confirm availability
Tel: (+612) 9704 5748
Located Level 2, Hamilton