2022 Artist-in-Residence

The annual Artist-in-Residence program connects Visual Arts at PLC Sydney with industry practitioners.

To date, the College has welcomed artists such as Kiata Mason (in 2019), Nicole Kelly, Mirra Whale, Tim Allen, Terri Butterworth, My Le Thi, Alex Fensham, Neil Evans, Jan Williamson, Philip Hannaford, Steve Tyerman, Patrick Shirvington, Rachel Fairfax, Peter Gardiner and Becky Gibson on Year 11 Visual Arts Camp at Bundanon; each inspirational in sharing their art practice and approaches to depicting the Australian landscape.

The College also hosts guest artists and designers through exhibitions in the Adelaide Perry Gallery and/or floor talks or workshops for students of Visual Arts and Technological and Applied Studies. Artists and designers involved have included Mona Ryder, Sallie Moffatt, Angus Neveson, Phillippa Carnemolla, Lisa Jones, Lucy and Barry McCann and Julie Rrap.


Sydney artist, and former Head of Visual Arts at PLC Sydney, Keith Fyfe joins The Croydon Studios in May. In April, Keith joined PLC Sydney’s Year 11 Art Camp, travelling to Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon on the Shoalhaven River near Nowra. Keith has twice been a Finalist in AGNSW’s Wynne Prize and his work has been shortlisted multiple times for other national art awards such as the Mosman Prize and the Calleen. Keith’s landscapes are derived from his engagement with the natural environment whilst walking:

I absorb consciously and subconsciously, and have walked in many places around the world. There’s something about landscapes that is universal and timeless and I never weary of it.

At the end of his residency Keith’s works will be shown at Adelaide Perry Gallery in the exhibition Bundanon Dreaming, alongside artworks by Year 11 Visual Arts, inspired by the Bundanon landscape.

Bundanon Dreaming will be opened by Mr Patrick Shirvington, artist, on Wednesday 25 May at 7.00 pm
Exhibition continues weekdays 8.30 am - 4.00 pm until 22 June

Keith Fyfe is represented by Art Atrium Gallery, Sydney.

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Keith Fyfe, PLC Sydney's 2022 Artist-in-Residence