The 2015 Perry Prize

CELEBRATING 10 YEARS...and the winner is...

The 2015 Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing marks the tenth anniversary of this prestigious award. At the finalists' exhibition opening on Friday 27 February, the winner of the $25,000 acquisitive prize was announced by Sydney painter Mr Peter Kingston AM:

Congratulations to Gold Coast artist Mr Lee Wise! 

The Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing is among the most significant art awards in the country and this year the Gallery received a record number of entries, totalling close to 500.

In a statement about the judging process Mr Kingston described a drawing as being “no mean task to achieve, 
as one not only has to actually commence work but also leave oneself open to chance and unexpected diversions along the way. To make a record of this journey is what I was looking out for. The finalists I have chosen have, in my view and experience, come some way towards achieving this”.

Winning artist Lee Wise said of his large gestural charcoal piece “I started this self-portrait with full creative freedom and I had no pre-conceived outcome. I soon realised I was drawing far more than my face; I was creating order out of chaos and the marks were representing my personality… at the epicentre was myself”.

Forty-four finalists’ works feature in the exhibition: Tim Allen, Helen Barnett, Leonie Bell, Jane Bennett, John Bokor, Tom Carment, Charles Cooper, Tony Costa, Rena Czaplinska-Archer, Iain Dean, Mark Dober, Tom Doherty, Phil Edwards, Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert, Rosalind Friday, Ashley Frost, Todd Fuller, Ginny Grayson, Junko Hagiwara, Nathalie Hartog-Gautier, Geoff Harvey, Ewa Henner, Christine Hooper, Debra Huggins, Michael Kelly, Dust Lancaster, Jolon Larter, Barbara Licha, Debbie Mackinnon, Emmy Mavroidis, Aaron Moore, Bill Nix, Amanda Penrose Hart, Fraser Pollock, Sarah Rogers, Jeannette Siebols, Andrew Stattmann, Adriane Strampp, Belinda Street, Sherna Teperson, Biron Valier, Kirk Winter, Lee Wise, Fang Min Wu.

People's Choice Award

The People’s Choice Award goes to Mr Todd Fuller for his animation ‘Little Star’.

PLC Sydney congratulates Mr Todd Fuller, this year’s recipient of the Adelaide Perry prize for Drawing People’s Choice Award, valued at $2,000.

Visitors to the Gallery during this year’s exhibition of finalists were invited to vote for their favourite entry and these votes were counted at the close of the exhibition.

The animation piece contains over 3000 stills, created using charcoal, chalk and acrylic. It tells a story of Zvezdochka or ‘Little Star’, the eleventh dog to be sent into space by Russia, through a narrative that Mr Fuller describes as one of ‘yearning, desire, hope and loss with Little Star learning that with all progress comes cost.’

Artist: Lee Wise  |  Title: Self-Portrait  |  2015 Adelaide Perry Prize Winner  
Above: Opening Night, 2015 Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing.
(From left): Mr Lee Wise, Art and Design Captain, Unjelique Hajjar, and PLC Sydney Principal, Dr Paul Burgis.

Artist: Lee Wise | Title: Self-portrait | 2015 Adelaide Perry Prize Winner © Lee Wise

Title: Self-portrait | 2015 Adelaide Perry Prize Winner © Lee Wise

Adelaide Perry Prize Winner 2014 Peoples Choice Award 

Above: People Choice winner. Animation Still from Todd Fuller’s Little Star. (Copyright Todd Fuller. Image courtesy the artist).