Respect for Others

The Bible encourages all of us to treat others in the same way that we would like them to treat us.

This attitude helps to create a community where everyone can enjoy safety, security, cooperative learning and freedom from all forms of harassment.

We foster this form of community at PLC Sydney and each person has an important part to play in maintaining it.

All members of the College community are expected to relate to one another in ways that will ensure that every person is able to:

  • Be respected and valued as an individual
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Be free to work and learn in a positive environment
  • Be treated fairly
  • Be free from bullying
  • Have his/her privacy and property respected
  • Feel free to seek and accept appropriate help and support when it is needed.

The College considers that behaviour which does not demonstrate respect for these basic needs and freedoms of others is unacceptable.