House System

The College’s House system plays a vital role in the Pastoral Care program of PLC Sydney. All students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 take an active part in House activities which provide many opportunities for leadership training and participation.

Students engage in various House competitions throughout the year and compete toward the House Trophy which is awarded at Speech Day.

A House Patron guides House activities throughout the year.

There are six Houses named after women and men who have made an outstanding contribution to the life of the College.

  • Kinross: Rev. Dr John Kinross (1833-1908), founding Chairman of PLC Council 1888-1906.
  • Harper: Rev. Dr Andrew Harper (1844-1936), Chairman of PLC Council 1907-1913.
  • Ferguson: Rev. John Ferguson (1852-1925), Chairman of PLC Council 1913-1923.
  • Anderson: Mrs EO Anderson (1885-1985), attended PLC from 1898-1902; foundation member of Ex-Students’ Union; member of PLC Council 1932-1958.
  • Wilkie: Dr Helen Wilkie (1895-1984), Principal of PLC Sydney 1942-1946.
  • Pickard: Miss Marion Pickard, founding resident teaching governess (1888); Lady Superintendent (1894-1907); elected first president of Ex-Students’ Union (1905).