The chaplaincy programs at PLC Sydney aim to help each individual develop a Christian faith. 

Developing faith is a growth process. 

The College Chaplains provide opportunities for students to:

  • discover their own faith in Christ
  • contribute to the Christian ethos of the College
  • develop an understanding of a Christian world view

The Chaplains speak at assemblies and regular chapel services.

Students are able to develop their spirituality through the curriculum and through participation in co-curricular activities. 

Students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 10 participate in a christian studies program conducted by members of the chaplaincy staff. These classes allow students to focus on issues of faith and life, learn about the Bible and develop a Christian world-view. 

The College also has an active co-curricular program where students are encouraged to become involved in a number of Christian activities and events where there is a strong emphasis on participation and leadership.