There is a rich and embedded use of technology at PLC Sydney from Kindergarten through to Year 12; via a mixture of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and College-provided devices.

  • Junior school classroom activities are enriched with a mixture of tablets and Chromebooks. 
  • Early senior school learning and their digital literacies are supported by a College provided tablet or laptop.
  • Upper senior school students are granted more flexibility by being able to choose to continue with a College-provided device or be totally BYOD. This also means adopting the full range of responsibilities that come with technology ownership.

Digital Literacies (DL) are cross-faculty and increasingly important in our students social and leisure life. Students are taught DL at PLC both explicitly and implicitly via integrated components of faculty content. 


Alongside individual technology ownership and use, PLC Sydney has one of the largest installations of interactive whiteboards and sound systems in classrooms across the campus.

The TAS department has access to wide-scale photographic printers and computer controlled laser cutters. Staff keep abreast of technological innovations by trialing different technologies such as iPads, tablet computers, AV recording devices, real time sensors and probes, video conferencing, Internet broadcasting, NFC connections, and so on. WiFi access is available across the whole campus.

Global connectedness

The ready availability of technology and global connectedness permits education that is real-world authentic, where students can publish or broadcast to a global audience, giving a greater stimulus than just the world of their single classroom.

Collaboration, as a learning tool, is common practice and bringing in additional subject matter experts, specific learning communities or even cross global participants is facilitated and encouraged as part of the technology use at PLC Sydney.


The adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) within the senior years fosters ownership and technical familiarity; the intention being to support the individual creativity and inquiry of our students both in and outside of a classroom.


There is considerable support for technology use at PLC. Learning and teaching is supported by in class work through our Technical Services integrator and other Technical Services support staff. Technical help is available from a highly experienced team of technical support people.

technology icon For more information about technology at PLC Sydney, please visit our Technology microsite.