PLC Sydney offers the services of registered psychologists to provide confidential counseling support to PLC Sydney students and their families. Services are provided to all students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, boarding and day students.

PLC Sydney is recognised as a place where girls are extended to reach their own unique potential. Our counsellors play a vital role in supporting the College to achieve this.

Our counsellors conduct both individual and group assessments – educational and psychological

Assessments are sometimes necessary to determine student strengths and areas which require support.

The primary focus of our counselors is to be available to talk with students about any aspect of their lives. Some of these areas can include:

  • Emotional issues – anger, anxiety, depression, loss and grief
  • Relationship issues – making and keeping friends, boy/girl relationships, social isolation, peer relationships
  • Family issues – communication, trust, family break-down, conflict with the family, unhappiness at home, sibling rivalry
  • School issues – school performance and progress, motivation, adjusting to a new school, leaving school, transition times e.g. from Year 6 into Year 7
  • Behavioural issues - at school, home and in the community, bullying
  • Adolescent issues – physical changes at puberty, sexual and peer pressure