Talented Individual Performer (TIP) Program

The Talented Individual Performer (TIP) Program is aimed at highly talented individuals who are participating in their chosen sport or activity at a level which necessitates extraordinary absences from school. 

The program is designed to help your daughter through her time at PLC Sydney and offer her assistance and motivation along the way.

The aim of the Talented Individual Performer (TIP) Program is to:

  • respond to identified talented individuals enrolled at PLC Sydney whose commitments require particular attention
  • facilitate and support the development of these individuals by assisting them in managing their commitments to their area of expertise as well as their academic pursuits
  • encourage recognition of the individual’s achievements at school and throughout the wider community.

PLC Sydney is committed to nurturing the talents and skills of every student to enable them to reach their full potential.

This program endeavours to:

  • support the student’s management of her academic, rehearsal, practice, training and competition schedule
  • establish liaison between the various support networks both within and outside the College environment
  • monitor schedules and offer any extra assistance that may be needed
  • promote recognition of achievements 
  • facilitate open and supportive communication between the talented individual, her parents and staff members.

enrol-icon To enquire and apply for the PLC Sydney Talented Individual Performer (TIP) Program, please click here.


For more information about TIP, please contact:

Ms Jenny Clarke
Coordinator of Co-curricular & TIP Program
T: (+612) 9704 5683   F: (+612) 9747 4898
M: 0409 825 949