Talented Individual Performer (TIP) Program Application

To apply for the Talented Individual Performer (TIP) Program, please complete the form below.

Your application will be reviewed by the TIP Program review panel, including the TIP Coordinator and members of the Executive staff.  

Once your application has been accepted you will  meet with the TIP Coordinator to discuss your individual needs.

If accepted into the TIP program you will then be notified of your TIP status as either Level 1 or Level 2 and explained the roles, responsibilities and expectations.

For more details about the program, please contact:

Ms Jenny Clarke
Coordinator of Co-curricular & TIP Program
M 0409 825 949
E: jclarke@plc.nsw.edu.au

Student Details
Sport or Activity
Reason for Application

Please include an outline of the typical demands of this involvement and details of any event that will impact on the student's attendance and academic program. This includes:

  • Please give a brief outline of your highest level of achievement, eg state, national or equivalent.  
  • Please provide a detailed outline of your average weekly time commitments required for your activity / sport. eg daily training or rehearsal times
  • Please provide dates and descriptions of any upcoming events for your activity / sport.  If specific dates are unknown at this stage, please provide an estimate of time of year and approximate time away required.   
  • Please outline how this might impact your academic studies, ie this may be about time missed from school due to your activity/sport, or it may be about the difficulty finding time to complete homework due to your training/rehearsal schedule.  
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