Extension and Enrichment

We recognise that students have different abilities and learning styles and we have a comprehensive extension and support program in place to support diverse learning needs to support student growth. 

learning support

Six learning support teachers deliver assistance to students in Kindergarten to Year 12. Specialist teachers in literacy and numeracy provide regular support in the classroom and in small groups, according to student needs. Learning support teachers work closely with classroom teachers to develop programs and assess and monitor student programs.

Specialist ESL teachers are also available to work with students whose first language is not English. The ESL program is delivered in small groups or to individuals.

extension and enrichment

In the classroom

The PLC secondary school curriculum is designed to support each student’s growth towards academic excellence. To achieve this, our classes in core subjects are graded each semester and our curriculum is appropriately differentiated to cater to the needs of each group. Where students consistently demonstrate readiness for greater challenge, extension and enrichment activities are integrated into the class program.

In our Mathematics program we cater for students who are achieving a standard beyond their cohort by implementing an acceleration program. These students complete Years 8, 9 and 10 Mathematics in two years rather than three and complete the Record of School Achievement (ROSA) in Year 9.

Students who complete this acceleration program successfully commence the Preliminary 3 Unit Mathematics course while in Year 10 and then complete the HSC in Mathematics while in Year 11. This enables them to focus deeply on the demanding 4 unit course if chosen in Year 12.

Beyond the core subjects we offer a broad range of elective subjects to suit the interests and capabilities of all students. Amongst these we offer the internationally recognised and challenging Cambridge IGCSE courses: Physical Science, History, Computer Science and Global Perspectives.

Beyond the Classroom

Opportunities for academic growth are also provided through an extensive array of co-curricular activities, clubs and competitions e.g. Debating; Public Speaking; Drama; Mock Trial; Tournament of the Minds; Future Problem Solving; National and International Science and Mathematics seminars and competitions.

Known for academic excellence, PLC Sydney has a dedicated Extension Centre which caters for gifted and talented children across Sydney. It is one of the longest running programs of its kind in Australia

extension-icon  For more information about the PLC Extension Centre please visit our Extension Centre microsite.