Career Education

PLC Sydney students are encouraged to make decisions about appropriate career paths and tertiary options with the assistance of a qualified Careers/ Tertiary Entrance Advisor.

PLC Sydney Futures is a resources centre located in the Macindoe Research Centre on the ground floor and under the guidance of the Director of Vocational and Tertiary Pathways, provides information about particular careers and specific courses and has strong links to tertiary institutions. All Year 10-12 students are encouraged to make appointments to discuss personal career goals and direction for managing their transition to post school possibilities.

A targeted Careers Forum is held each year for Years 10-12 and parents and is a wonderful opportunity for students to expose themselves to the many institutions and post-secondary options available.

Year 10

All Year 10 students participate in a Vocational Profiling Assessment Day in Term I and receive a Vocational Profile Report based on the results of these career assessments that identify individual interests, abilities and personality.

download-icon To download information about the 2018 Year 10 Aptitude and Career Profiling Day, please click here. (PDF 102.1KB)

Each student is then interviewed by the Director of Vocational and Tertiary Pathways during Term II to discuss the report and work on identifying subject strengths for appropriate subject choices for senior study while also taking into account career aspirations a student may have post school.

A study skills workshop is also provided to assist students in preparing for the increased workload in Years 11 and 12. Year 10 students have access to careers counselling during recess and lunchtime through the week.

Year 11 and 12

Year 11 have a compulsory meeting with the Director of Vocational and Tertiary Pathways throughout the year and along with Year 12 have access to career counselling during study periods Students are  also  invited to hear representatives from tertiary institutions and ex- students speak on many topics in informal sessions during lunchtimes.

For Years 11 and 12  individual assistance is offered with time management/ revision timetables which is an important element of successfully managing their transition to post school options. Year 12 students can receive help with post-secondary education applications including scholarships and advice on applying to UAC (University Admissions Centre) with their preferences for tertiary courses prior to leaving school at the end of Term III, and before the commencement of the HSC Exams.