PLC Sydney is a place where girls are nurtured to grow into confident, caring and accomplished young women of integrity and purpose.

Our teaching and learning programs challenge our students to develop academic excellence to strive to be the best version of themselves.

Under our Teaching and Learning Charter, we aim to provide programs which:

  1. Encourage spiritual, social, emotional and academic growth.
  2. Provide a challenging, engaging, affirming, caring learning environment.
  3. Provide guaranteed and viable curricula, imparted through best practice instructional design, focused on growth in student learning.
  4. Foster a spirit of inquiry to challenge and support students to think creatively, constructively, critically and independently.
  5. Develop ethical, analytical and reflective practice amongst our students about their own learning.
  6. Challenge and support all students to achieve their personal best by setting high expectations across a range of endeavours.
  7. Support and promote character development through service learning, leadership experience and community and global citizenship.
  8. Harness the rich experience of the staff members, who are selected to serve at the College and support and encourage ongoing professional development in best practice of the art and science of teaching.
  9. Include assessment designed to allow students to demonstrate their learning.
  10. Deliver feedback which supports and develops future student learning.
  11. Inform students and parents in a timely manner about levels of achievement.
  12. Review the ongoing efficacy of our curriculum and pedagogy in the light of student achievement.

PLC Sydney teaches both NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) courses and Cambridge International courses. Each year Cambridge University conducts its international interviews for Australasia at PLC Sydney.