Simone loved her music and over the years was a member of the Big Band, Cantabile, College Choir, Pipes & Drums, PLC Voices, Saxophone Ensemble, Stage Band, Wind Ensemble and the PLC Sydney Orchestra.

School Community Prefect

'My friends and the girls in my cohort have played a large part of my success in my final year. I also believe that my organisation, focus and commitment to school have also contributed to my success.'

What is your fondest memory of PLC Sydney?

Majority of my fondest memories at PLC Sydney are from social events that my Year Group was still fortunate to have without the impacts of Covid-19 disrupting them. These include Year 10 formal, Open Days, Year 12 Social, Mother/Daughter and Father Daughter events (eg. Mothers' Day breakfasts, etc). I really enjoyed these sorts of events because they definitely brought me closer to my cohort and made me feel as though I belonged within the nurturing and supportive PLC Sydney community. I also have great memories from the Wind Ensemble Music Tour to Tasmania in 2022. I made amazing friendships on this tour and I'm really close with many girls who went on the trip, some I consider my best friends. I think experiences like these have had such an impact on my life which is why they stand out to me during my time at PLC Sydney.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned at PLC Sydney?

At PLC Sydney I learnt the importance of getting involved and being part of the community. I learnt this through my leadership position where I was required to take on roles to ensure tasks were completed, but also volunteering to be a part of different opportunities. I believe that this was such a valuable lesson for me because without getting involved I would've struggle to figure out who I am and what I liked or disliked.

If you could offer advice or a tip to someone about to do their final year, what would it be?

The most important thing - be organised and to be prepared for your exams. They're such a good learning experience for the final HSC exam and they really help you learn the approaches that work the best for you in order to achieve success. However, I would also say that it's important to balance out studying with social activities and down time. Find things that make you happy and allow you to take a break from the books. Without these moments it's harder to find the motivation to work. In my final year I have really valued my social life and well-being more. I've noticed that I'm still doing just as well at school as I have when I wasn't valuing these aspects of my life as much. It is so important to believe and trust yourself because at the end of the day the memories you make in Year 12 are so much more important than one bad exam result. These moments are what will help you figure out the person you are and want to become in the future.


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