Public Speaking Captain

International Blazer Recipient

Selected for OnStage Group Performance

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

NSW Youth Deputy Premier and Youth Parliament Member for Parramatta

As PLC Sydney's Public Speaking Captain and a member of the Australian team who attended the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships (WIDPSC) in 2022, it is no worder that Rachel's moto is: 'everyone's voice matters.'

What is the most valuable lesson you learned at PLC Sydney?

That everyone's voice matters. I remember being very insecure, not at all confident about any of my ideas. I didn’t believe my voice was worth listening to and always thought that people were not interested in what I had to say. However, through the years I have learnt to believe in myself. Through PLC Sydney s support, I have come to realise that all voices are important, including my own.

How important was it for you to balance your academic focus with other activities? eg co-curricular activities

Very important - co curriculars are a huge part of my life and although I've had to let go of some of them, I am glad that I've been able to meet different people and make so many memories that I will treasure for a long time. It was sometimes a struggle to strike a balance between my academics and other commitments, however this juggling taught me time management skills and how to plan effectively.

What contributed to your final year/and or HSC success?

The amazing teachers were integral in helping me get through this year. I constantly went up to my teachers after class to ask them a plethora of questions and they are so patient and passionate when answering them. I remember having an idea about a tool to use for creative writing and ran to the senior staff room asking for Ms Freeman. Although the meeting wasn't planned and she was thoroughly confused at first, she helped talk through the idea and was very supportive when I was explaining what I had thought of.


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