Selected to exhibit her Textiles and Design work at the TexStyle Exhibition, Genevieve's creation, 'Black Queen' (detail)

Selected to exhibit at the TexStyle Exhibition

Congratulations goes to Genevieve, whose beautiful textiles creation was not only nominated for SHAPE, but was selected for inclusion in the TexStyle Exhibition. We can certainly see Genevieve's dream of working at Versace Headquarters in Milan, coming true!

What is your fondest memory of your time at PLC Sydney?

Always being surrounded by supportive teachers who encourage me to do my best and to consistently improve. Also being with my friends who value me and my interests, never comparing me to anyone else.

If you could offer advice or a tip to someone about to do their final year, what would it be?

Set clear goals, stay organised (make a monthly planner and write down your expectation of your work to be done by a specific date), and seek support from a teacher, parent or sibling if necessary.

How important was it for you to balance your academic focus with other activities? eg co-curricular activities

Very important - Co-curricular activities (both inside and outside school) has allowed me to make friendships and connections which has built my confidence. Keeping academic focus is gained from doing other activities e.g netball has allowed me to remain physically healthy and fit, furthermore aiding my mental health.


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