The PLC Sydney Advantage

Pathways and an exceptional International Program

At PLC Sydney we seek to enable students to develop the skills to achieve academically, to value and empathise with others, and to become effective global citizens.

International students benefit from PLC Sydney’s strong academic program. We purposefully place two teachers in classrooms such as Science - one to teach the subject, and one to ensure the students understand any difficult vocabulary or syntax. Over the past five years, two of our students who were named ‘Dux of the College’ have been international students. 

It is not only in scholastic areas that students gain from PLC Sydney. They benefit from the view we take of each person. As a Christian College, we hold each young woman to have an inimitable worth. We respect them and care for them and expect them to look after each other.

We also offer a wide range of co-curricular activities, to enable each girl to find a niche.

Our international students are such a joy. We learn so much from them: about their homeland, their views of our nation, and about their own personalities. We warmly welcome them into our community.

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I hope you gain a sense of the joy about what it is to be a PLC Sydney girl.

Dr Paul Burgis

PLC Sydney international and local students join together to attend the 2019 Youth Science Forum.