Overseas Student Application for Enrolment

Welcome to our online Application for Enrolment process for OVERSEAS STUDENTS ONLY. 

Please note there is a non refundable application fee of $440 (including GST) payable in this process.
Before you proceed with your online application, please make sure you have all your daughter's personal documents ready for attachment.

Please note that all students educated overseas, MUST submit the results of an Assessment of English Competence (AEAS test report) with their application. 


  • A copy of the biographical page of the student's passport
  • AEAS Test Report of the student's English competency
  • A copy of visa documentation (if the student is currently in Australia on a visa)

You will only be able to submit the form when all fields are completed, so please have everything ready before you start.

  • Please ensure you have read and understood the following documents (listed below), which can be found by clicking here:
    • Enrolment Policy
    • Conditions of Enrolment
    • Enrolment Agreement
    • Fee Schedule for 2020
    • Notice Accompanying the Collection of Personal Data
  • If you wish to enrol your daughter as a full fee paying overseas student, please read this information

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For further inquires about the process, please contact:

Mrs Catherine Marvell
Director of Enrolments
Tel: (+612) 9704 5695
Email: enrol@plc.nsw.edu.au