Indigenous Students

PLC Sydney is recognised for nurturing girls into grounded, 21st century women who, with strength and grace, make a difference in their sphere of influence. In an effort to make a greater contribution to the education of Australia’s First People, we offer a dedicated Indigenous Program to provide educational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

PLC Sydney has a proud history of offering education opportunities for Indigenous students that spans over 50 years. Our first Indigenous student, Ann Flood boarded at PLC Sydney in 1964.

We currently offer a number of scholarships to Indigenous students:

  • Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) – boarding students 
  • Coradine Scholarship – Year 7 day student

Our program aims to:

  • Continue to create a school that acknowledges and values the rich culture and contributions of Australia’s First People
  • Nurture and promote the cultures and heritages of each of our students. 
  • Develop and maintain strong links with the families and communities of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
  • Support all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to achieve to their potential
  • Assist all staff to become more culturally competent by offering access to resources and information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture and heritage.
  • Support the goal of ‘Closing the Gap’ between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and other Australians by promoting literacy and numeracy and the attainment of the HSC.
  • Offer places to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students when available. 
  • Collaborate with the AIEF in providing support for students in boarding.
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