Our most frequently asked Enrolment questions are:

1. How early should I submit an application?

a. How many students attend PLC Sydney?

b. What are your intake years?

c. At what age can a child enter Pre-Kindergarten?

d. At what age can a child enter Kindergarten?

e. What are the chances of commencing this year?

f. Do you offer Boarding?

g. How do international students enrol?

h. How do your students travel to School?

i. From which areas of Sydney do students come to PLC Sydney?

j. What is the Pre-Kindergarten program?

k. What is the Music program in the Junior School?

l. What languages are offered to the students at PLC Sydney?

m. What is your Special Education Program?

n. Is Saturday Sport compulsory?

o. Does a student have to be a Presbyterian to enrol at PLC Sydney?

p. What Christian education do the students receive?

q. Does PLC Sydney have an affiliation with a boys’ college?