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Co-Curricular Overview

More than a place of academic excellence, PLC Sydney is a school where girls are extended to grow and develop their own unique potential.

Co-curricular activities are a great way for girls to extend themselves and balance academic, social and physical pursuits. These activities enable students to learn a new skill, discover and develop talents and interests, and nurture friendships with others.

At PLC Sydney we have a huge range of amazing co-curricular activities available for everyone from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.

You might be a born entrepreneur, you might love to swim, you may have your nose in a book or be the one writing the book. No matter what you love doing, we’ll make sure coming to school can be a great joy.

Learn more about the wide range of co-curricular activities offered at PLC Sydney:

download-icon Download the full list of co-curricular activities offered at PLC Sydney 

 places-icon PLC Sydney Junior and Senior School can find out more information via the co-curricular microsite in PLACES.