Trust: URStrong's Friendship Fact #3

URStrong's Friendship Fact #3 reminds students that Trust & Respect are the two most important qualities of a friendship. This month, our eyes are on absolute must-have in a healthy, Green-Zone friendship.

PLC Sydney is a URSTRONG school.

It takes time for an individual to earn someone's trust. But, being considered trustworthy is one of the greatest compliments an individual can receive. Trustworthiness is an important quality we need to invest time in building in our children's lives. Whether through small teaching moments or larger conversations around trust, you can join us in teaching the girls about trustworthiness and the importance of being someone others can rely on.

Trust is when you can count on your friend – you believe them and know they are true to their word.


A simple and easy way to develop trustworthiness in your children is to give them age-appropriate responsibilities or tasks that you keep them accountable for. It might be a simple chore or two, like making their bed, picking up their toys, feeding the dog or emptying the dishwasher. Giving children something they can own will teach them to follow through and feel responsible for carrying out what is expected of them.

This takes time, patience, training and commitment because children will not naturally want to do things they don’t consider fun. Over time though, you are teaching your children there are consequences to their choices, and they will get the idea. Practising the skills of being reliable and trustworthy are worth it. Those who are trustworthy are more likely to foster positive relationships.

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Sue Atkins, The Parenting Expert

Research shows that relationships are the heart of wellbeing & learning. When we get friendships right in schools, children flourish!

URSTRONG helps us create a culture of kindness within our Junior School.

URSTRONG provides teachers with a friendship skills curriculum, Friendology 101, that help kids establish + maintain healthy relationships, manage conflict with kindness, and increase their overall resilience. To find out more, visit URSTRONG.

Thanks for partnering with us!

Mrs Melissa Watters

Head of Junior School, PLC Sydney