JD Oates Aquatic Centre

The JD Oates Aquatic Institute provides opportunities for students and members of the community to improve their water skills at all levels.

Built in 2006, the Institute features two indoor heated swimming pools, a weights and fitness room and a large classroom. The Institute is used for:

  • Learn to swim classes
  • Preschool learn to swim classes
  • Swimming Squads
  • Competitive swimming
  • Competitive water polo
  • Sydney Swim Club PLC
  • PE lessons
  • Dry land training

The facility has attracted many elite swimmers to PLC Sydney seeking to balance training and competition schedules with their studies.

The College is recognised as a competitive swimming school in Sydney, with this outstanding facility being attributed to the College’s successes in the pool. PLC Sydney has held the IGSSA Trophy in Swimming for eight out of the past nine years, since the development of the JD Oates Aquatic Institute.

The PLC Sydney Swim Club also operates out of the Institute. This vibrant club was established by the PLC Sydney Parents and Friends’ Association to promote, teach and encourage swimming at the Institute.

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