Extension Centre

The PLC Sydney Extension Centre was founded in 1989 and offers one of the longest running extension and enrichment programs for gifted and talented children in Australia.

The Centre was originally based on Dr Dorothy Sisk’s work with gifted and talented children in the United States. However, since 2003 the Centre has grown and now caters for children of all abilities.

The Centre aims to establish a learning community that is enriching and responsive to needs.

We adopt a pro-social approach to teaching and learning at the Extension Centre – recognising the importance of social and emotional development of children as the foundation of building self-confidence, resilience and, as a result, engagement and academic performance.


The Centre provides a wide range of programs that cater for the needs of children who require support at any level – from remediation to extension. We thus have a wide range of classes and a large after-school tuition program that caters to individual need and welcomes all students regardless of the school they attend. 

The range of programs is continually expanding however we now have the following on offer:

  • Saturday afternoon classes for children identified as gifted
  • Tutoring (one-to-one) on each weekday afternoon and from 8AM until 5PM Saturday
  • After hours Greek, Italian and Chinese classes
  • After hours drama classes (M-TH)
  • UMAT (Undergraduate Medical Admission Test) preparation classes
  • After hours speech training (all ages including adults)
  • Singing tuition
  • Psychometric Testing  (Saturdays)
  • Dyslexia Screening Tests (Saturdays)
  • Tutoring for exams for entry into Selective Schools, OC Classes and Private schools on scholarship
  • The Extension Centre also runs the gifted in-school Special Extension Courses (SPEC) classes for the PLC Junior School. Staff training and a close relationship with the whole school is a feature of the Centre

The Extension Centre will develop in significance in the years ahead as it supports our global programs.


    To enrol in the PLC Extension Centre gifted classes on a Saturday, students must undergo a detailed testing process to assess their suitability. The testing procedure involves:

    • Standardised IQ test
    • Child interview
    • Observational assessment
    • Parent interview


    After school hours tutoring is also available through the Extension Centre for Kindergarten to Year 12 students. Subjects offered in 2019 include:

    • English (ALL levels - including IB and ESL)
    • Mathematics (ALL levels)
    • Economics
    • Science
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • History
    • Legal Studies
    • Business Studies
    • French 
    • Latin
    • Special education (Primary School)
    • Preparation for Selective School/OC/Scholarship tests

    extension-icon  To find out more about our Extension Centre please visit the Extension Centre microsite.


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