2017 HSC Highlights

Overall Results

  • 51% of all PLC Sydney students achieved ATARs over 90 (i.e, 51% of students ranked in the top 10% of the state)
  • 37% of the marks achieved by PLC Sydney student’s were marks of 90% or greater (i.e., Band 6 results)
  • PLC Sydney ranked 21st in the State. 

PLC Sydney's HSC Highlights for 2017 include: 


  • 6% of PLC Sydney students are in the top 1% of the state 
  • Seven (7) of our students have scored ATARs over 99

Congratulations to Jade Lin who finished with our top ATAR of 99.9. We also congratulate Alison Chen, Angela Gao, Vanessa Li, Emma Liu, Kelsey Lu and Emma Tanevska, who all achieved ATARs over 99.

first place in the state 

Warm congratulations to Sabrina Tam who has come first in her course in the 2017 HSC.

  • Sabrina Tam: First in Chinese Extension 


  • The following students gained places in the Top Achievers in Course List (placing in the top 20 students in the State in their different subjects):

    • Phoebe Arraj: PDHPE – 11th
    • Katherine Chen: Design and Technology – 9th
    • Angela Gao: Chinese in Context – 5th
    • Jessica Jeong: Chinese Extension – 5th
    • Vanessa Li: Visual Arts – 6th
    • Jade Lin: Advanced English – 3rd


  • Seventeen (17) students were recognised on the Premier’s All-round Achievers List (achieving more than 90% in all their courses ie the highest band possible in at least 10 units)
  • Congratulations go to: Alison Chen, Katherine Chen, Eleanor Davis, Isabella Dorigo, Amy Doust, Angela Gao, Sophia Law, Patricia Li, Vanessa Li, Jade Lin, Emma Liu, Alison Lowe, Kelsey Lu, Emma Tanevska, Ottilia Thompson, Scarlett Wynne and Isabella Zhu.


  • Our school mean, per unit, was 43 out of 50 (which means that the average mark received by PLC Sydney students in the HSC was 86% gained across all courses).  
  • Band 6 results (marks over 90) or equivalents were achieved in 37.4% of all examinations, in all subjects. 
  • Extension Courses: Band 6 results (marks over 90) or equivalents in Extension courses were achieved in 41% of all examinations sat by PLC students, in all subjects. 

We have had a number of students achieving excellence in particular areas.

  • 41% of our students achieved a mark over 90 in English
  • 87% of our students achieved a mark over 80
  • In Extension 1 English 72% of students achieved over 90%
  • In Extension 2 English 83% achieved over 90%.
  • 50% of our students achieved a mark over 90 in Mathematics
  • In Extension 1 Mathematics 52% of students achieved over 90%
  • In Extension 2 Mathematics 83% of students achieved over 90%
  • Twenty students (91%) of our Year 11 Mathematics accelerants achieved excellent Band 6 results in the 2-unit paper
  • Sixteen students (73%) achieved E4 (the top level) in the Extension 1 paper. 


  • OnSTAGE: Individual Drama Performances Nominated: Sophia Morrison, Tahlia Merlino, Claudia Raguz and Erin Harmer
  • ENCORE: (Music) Nominated:  Emma Liu, Alison Chen and Isabella Zhu
  • ARTEXPRESS: Nominated: Katherine Chen, Vanessa Li, Kelsey Lu, Lina Bang and Victoria Hu 
  • SHAPE (Formerly DesignTech): Nominated: Savvena Christoforou, Sarah Bai, Katherine Chen, Keira Hajek, Vanessa Lubrano, Veronica Macaluso and Emma Triantafilis
    • Nominated and selected: Savvena Christoforou
  • TEXSTYLE: Textiles and Design Exhibition
    • Nominated and selected: Savvena Christoforou