HSC Success Stories for 2020

Please enjoy reading some of the outstanding individual stories and performances of our Year 12 students.

Sarah_medal win
Scholarship supports the next generation of para-sports stars
PLC Sydney Year 12 student, Sarah Clifton-Bligh, is one of four proud recipients of the 2021- 22 Kurt Fearnley Scholarship that targets talented individual Para-sport athletes in NSW.
STEM Subjects a Source of Inspiration for PLC Sydney Students
In an age where the focus on gender equality is reaching an all-time high, STEM careers are being recognised as one of the pivotal areas to drive change.
Boarding School helps to create independent and capable young women
Watching our daughter grow from a child into an independent and capable young woman has been one of the best thing for us. When everything comes together like that, it's a really good experience .... ...
Junior students at PLC Sydney getting a hands-on STEM education
With dedicated Junior science labs and specialist teachers, the students at PLC Sydney are making real-world connections and learning from the best.
Our Sporting Stars
2020 Year 12 students excel in their chosen sporting fields and are the well deserved recipients of PLC Sydney representative blazers
Top PLC Sydney student accepted into Oxford University
2020 Year 12 student Jennivine Chen finished the year a little earlier than her fellow students, as she was accepted into Oxford to study Computer Science and Philosophy at the prestigious university ...
Scholarships recipients can help raise standards across school programs
Current Year 12 and Music Scholarship recipient, Lily Dai, is combining her HSC studies with her first year undergraduate, majoring in Music at the Juilliard School, NYC.