School Accomplishments

More than a school for girls - PLC Sydney enables girls to flouRish

PLC Sydney takes a holistic approach to delivering excellence in education. Our rich academic program is supported by a very strong cultural, sporting and co-curricular framework. PLC Sydney is recognised for its outstanding music, drama and sporting results, having one of the most extensive ranges of co-curricular activities available, including visual arts, public speaking, debating, environmental studies and sports such as tennis, swimming, rowing, diving and gymnastics.  

Academic excellence is critically important, and our record demonstrates our success. PLC Sydney’s outstanding reputation for academic excellence is reflected in the consistently high results that students achieve in the Australian Tertiary Academic Rankings (ATARs).

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But PLC Sydney is more than just a school for girls and aims for an even higher goal. Our reason for existing is to enable girls and young women to flourish. We promote excellence, but we are very committed to ‘reaching’ each student. We prepare our girls to succeed in a world that is constantly changing. More than a place of consistent academic excellence, PLC Sydney is a place where girls are encouraged to grow into confident, caring and accomplished young women of integrity and purpose who seek to make a positive contribution to society, both in Australia and overseas and carry a genuine concern for the welfare of others. 

PLC Sydney is a school that is international in both its nature and outlook. More than 40 different cultural backgrounds are represented in the College community and the curriculum and well-being program reflect this diversity. Our local, national and international programs, inspire our girls to become principled, compassionate and engaged citizens of their College, their community and their world. When students leave PLC Sydney at the end of Year 12, they are ready to take on the world.

Our deep understanding of how girls grow and learn is captured in our teaching and learning philosophy. This means we support every girl, at every stage of her development, to become confident, well-rounded young women of integrity. These fine young women of the next generation will, in their turn, reinvent their world. This is why academic success alone does not prepare our girls for the future. A strong sense of identity, values, and character is vital.

Our Christian mission and values frame our quest to nurture our young women, with a worldview that encompasses knowledge of the past, perceptive insight into the present and innovative thinking about our global future together, so they can play a creative and decisive part in marking a difference in the communities in which they live. 

Our College spirit is captured in the closing line of our School Song:to make the world a better place and life a worthier thing’.