Our Vision & Values

'To make the world a better place, and life a worthier thing.'
The School Hymn, 1938.

Our Vision

PLC Sydney is a school of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in the State of NSW and welcomes all girls to a caring Christian environment which encourages the pursuit of excellence in all areas of life.

The College will encourage each individual to:

  • develop a Christian worldview
  • become a young woman of integrity with a sense of purpose
  • achieve full potential in all areas of endeavour
  • develop agency; the capacity to make good choices
  • achieve proficiency and confidence in communication, problem solving and the use of
    new technologies
  • attain self-confidence and develop an enthusiastic commitment to excellence
  • develop an understanding of and respect for the values of others
  • acquire the skills needed to use leisure time in a fulfilling, responsible and creative 
  • contribute to the well-being of her local, national and international community
  • develop a keen and life-long pursuit of learning.


Our values are based on a Christian world view and expressed through four core ideals. We strive to provide an environment where all endeavours and relationships in the College are underpinned by the following values:

  • Grace: the underlying framework for our College is that each student realises that there are circumstances beyond their control in their lives for which they are truly grateful. They are who they are because of the grace of God, the love of their families and the support and enabling of others. 

  • An attitude of Reverence: (deep respect tinged with awe) for the word of God and the beauty and wonder of the natural world and humanity. With this attitude we view the world with inspiration and hope, undertake our endeavours with passion and base our relationships on respect for ourselves and others.

  • The pursuit of Wisdom: which begins with a spirit of inquiry for knowledge and truth and through discipline and challenge leads to well considered judgement.

  • Participation in Service: to make a difference in the world. Contributing to communities in this way builds personal character through understanding and compassion and fulfils the obligations and responsibilities of citizenship.