2018 HSC Highlights

Overall Results

  • 56% of PLC Sydney students were in the top 10% of the State
  • 14% of PLC Sydney students (17 students) were in the top 1% of the State
  • 10% of PLC Sydney students were in the top 0.5% of the State
  • PLC Sydney ranked 17th in the State (SMH rankings - up from 21st in 2017) 
  • 11 students were named in the Top Achievers List (i.e. they earned top 20 places in individual subjects)
  • 17 students were named in the Premier's All Rounder Achievers List (i.e. scored over 90% in every subject)

PLC Sydney's HSC Highlights for 2018 include: 

Highest ATARS

Forty-five students across NSW (seventeen of whom were girls), achieved the top ATAR of 99.95. Three of these students attended PLC Sydney.

Congratulations to Salina Ai, Rebekah Kang and Eleanor Lawton-Wade, who each achieved ATARs of 99.95. These are exceptional results and extremely well-deserved.

Furthermore, the following students achieved ATARs over 99.0 (top 1% of the State): Sabena Bhadri, Jasmine Chen, Lina Cho, Shirley Hong, Siying (Sarah) Huang, Lauren McGrath-Wild, Katarina Kiew, Rhiannon Kumar, Hingis Li, Laurel Lu, Sherie Pan, Jessica Romiti, Belinda Thomas and Jennifer Xu. 


  • The following students gained places in the Top Achievers in Course List (placing in the top 20 students in the State in their different subjects):

    • Salina Ai: Chemistry - 13th
    • Angeni Bai: Mathematics - 11th*
    • Sophie Douglas: Drama - 7th
    • Siying (Sarah) Huang: Chinese and Literature - 3rd
    • Katarina Kiew: Business Studies - 20th
    • Katarina Kiew: Chinese Extension - 2nd
    • Elena Koskinas: Visual Arts - 8th
    • Eleanor Lawton-Wade: Chemistry - 7th
    • Eleanor Lawton-Wade: Geography - 3rd
    • Claire Shi: Mathematics - 14th*
    • Belinda Thomas: Music 2 - 3rd

      *Year 11 Mathematics accelerants

      NB: Another two PLC Sydney student who studied languages at other institutions also achieved excellent results, They are
    • Weronika Golos: Polish - 2nd
    • Mariana Ioannou: Modern Greek Beginners - 5th 


  • Seventeen (17) students were recognised on the Premier’s All-round Achievers List (achieving more than 90% in all their courses ie the highest band possible in at least 10 units)
  • Congratulations go to: Salina Ai, Sabena Bhadri, Jasmine Chen, Hye Rin Cho, Shirley Hong, Rebekah Kang, Katarina Kiew, Rhiannon Kumar, Eleanor Lawton-Wade, Hingis Li, Yunjia Lu, Lauren McGrath-Wild, Sherie Pan, Jessica Romiti, Tze Lam Tang, Belinda Thomas and Jessica Wang.


  • Our school mean, per unit, was 42.5 out of 50 (which means that the average mark received by PLC Sydney students in the HSC was 85 out of 100, gained across all courses). 
  • Band 6 results (marks over 90) or equivalents in Extension courses were achieved in 41% of all examinations sat by PLC Sydney students, in all subjects.

We have had a number of students achieving excellence in particular areas.

  • PLC Sydney Year 12/2018 collectively finished 5th in NSW in regard to their English results (Advanced, Extension 1 and 2)
  • 48% of our students achieved a mark over 90 in English (Advanced)
  • 91% of our students achieved a mark over 80
  • In Extension 1 English 90% of students achieved over 90 and 100% achieved a mark over 80 
  • In Extension 2 English 29% achieved over 90.

  • 41% of our students achieved a mark over 90 in Mathematics and 78% over 80
  • In Extension 1 Mathematics 52% of students achieved over 90
  • In Extension 2 Mathematics 31% of students achieved over 90
  • Eighteen students (90%) of our Year 11 Mathematics accelerants achieved excellent Band 6 results in the 2 unit paper
  • Fourteen students (70%) achieved E4 (the top band) in the Extension 1 paper.


  • OnSTAGE: Individual Drama Performances Nominated: Sophie Douglas, Zara Khan, Lucy McSwiggan and Annabelle Moore
    • Selected: Sophie Douglas
  • OnSTAGE: Group Drama Performances Nominated: Sophie Douglas,Lucy McSwiggan and Karli Musarra
  • ENCORE: (Music) Nominated: Georgia Galanos, Belinda Thomas and Jennifer Xu
  • ARTEXPRESS: Nominated Maeve Kelaher, Elena Koskinas, Noa Doyle and Donna Tsang 
    • Selected: Maeve Kelaher and Noa Doyle
  • SHAPE (Formerly DesignTech): Nominated: Cate Caldis, Elena Koskinas, Holly Garner, Penny Yee, Olivia Beck and Chelsea Tran
    • Selected: Cate Caldis
  • TEXSTYLE: Textiles and Design Exhibition: Nominated Cate Caldis
    • Selected: Cate Caldis