From the Principal

One of the things I have come to love about PLC Sydney is its gardens. Everyone who walks through this college moves through the dappled light from its wonderful old trees and shrubbery. The poet Gerard Manley Hopkins once wrote: “Glory be to God for dappled things.” He expressed his wonder and gratitude for the variety of beauty and experience he found in nature.

Our gardens are an appropriate metaphor for our PLC Sydney community. With almost 1400 students - boarders and day girls - from a wide range of backgrounds and over 50 cultural groupings, and with provision for the most able students and for those with special learning difficulties, we can claim to be one of the truly international, proudly comprehensive schools in the country.

We welcome all students regardless of their academic ability, all of whom are regarded as valuable members of our school community and whose development is important to us.

PLC Sydney provides many opportunities for students to find their niche and learn new skills, while also engendering the intellectual and personal vitality required for life after school.

The scope of our courses is impressive by any standard: 18 School Certificate courses and 26 Higher School Certificate courses, including five languages. University entrance rates are equally encouraging, particularly in view of our comprehensive entry. A pattern has developed where between 45 and 60 per cent of the graduating Year 12 students receive ATARs of 90 or over.

We seek to be a College that achieves both excellence and what we call 'reach'. Students are able to achieve excellence academically, and in co-curricular endeavours. Yet we also set as our task to enable each student to achieve her best. 

Dr Paul Burgis 


Dr Paul Burgis, 
Principal PLC Sydney.