About PLC Sydney

Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney is one of Australia’s oldest and most respected schools for girls. PLC Sydney is a day and boarding school for girls from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.

When PLC Sydney opened its doors for the first time in 1888, the entire school consisted of 39 girls. Today the College is home to nearly 1400 girls from just four years old to the young women who graduate in Year 12. Over its long history the College has been transformed over and over again.

Times change. Education has changed ... and keeps changing. Today’s learning environment tools and opportunities would barely be recognisable to a graduate of only 30 years ago. Change is good, but some things do not – and should not – change.

In what turned out to be an unusual opening day ceremony, the Governor of NSW invited his wife, Margaret Child-Villiers, the Countess of Jersey to make an impromptu speech. The words she spoke were reported around the world.

“To gain knowledge for the mere sake of possessing it is selfishness; to gain knowledge for the mere love of displaying it is vanity; to gain knowledge for the sake of being useful to others is true Christian charity.”

The Countess’ spirit lives on in the College’s commitment to achieving outstanding academic results as well as being a place where each girl is extended to grow into a confident, caring and accomplished young woman of integrity. The Countess of Jersey would have approved.