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On this site you will find information about our ex-students and joining the ESU, Ex-Students' Union. 

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Our ex-students are a diverse group of individuals who live and work across the globe and have interesting stories to tell about their time at PLC Sydney, as well as their journeys after graduation. 

Many have made, and continue to make, their mark and achieve excellence in a variety of fields such as business, medicine, arts, government and the not for profit sector. Others continue to learn, discover, lead, create, innovate and make a difference not only in the lives of their families but also in their wider communities. Here are just some of their stories.

Graduate Stories


Alumni - Katrina Cole
Spotlight on Katrina Cole
16 Dec 2020
From marketing luxury brand Lancome to becoming an executive coach, Katrina's path has been one of learning and success.
Alumni-Kerry Nettle-Thumbnail
Spotlight on Kerry Nettle
9 Dec 2020
Former Greens Senator Kerry Nettle shares a glimpse into her life today.
Ex-students Tartan Up with virtual workshops
2 Dec 2020
Throughout June the ESU presented a series of free virtual workshops to the ex-student community.
Alumni-Sally Brown-Thumbnail
Spotlight on Sally Brown
2 Dec 2020
Since starting her own fashion & lifestyle PR agency 14 years ago, Sally has seen her business succeed more than she had ever imagined, proving that if you find your passion in work and in life, the s ...
Alumni-Lynda Calder_Thumbnail
Spotlight on Lynda Calder
25 Nov 2020
A passionate volunteer, Lynda pivoted a love of numbers from engineering to writing a popular series for young adults.
Alumni-Serin Kasif-Thumbnail
Spotlight on Serin Kasif
18 Nov 2020
Despite a global pandemic, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera went on! Ex-student Serin Kasif was the producer behind this history-making production.
Alumn i-Grace Fiaschi_Thumbnail
Spotlight on Grace Fiaschi (Thompson)
11 Nov 2020
Grace was one of more than 3,000 Australian civilian nurses who volunteered for active service during WWI.
Spotlight on Jonghee Kim
4 Nov 2020
From Croydon to Korea to Iceland: Jonghee shares how a love of chemistry led her to a global role in Reykjavik.
Natalie Ness_THUMBNAIL
Spotlight on Natalie Ness
28 Oct 2020
Natalie shares her three key skills for a successful business owner and how fate stepped in during her Gap year, leading her to a career in jewellery design.
Spotlight on Roxane Hislop
21 Oct 2020
One of Australia's most acclaimed mezzo-sopranos, Roxane shares a glimpse into the world of an opera singer, how school supported her love of music and performance, and how a piece of advice given to ...
Spotlight on Natalie Lambert
14 Oct 2020
From almost joining the police force to becoming one of Australia's most successful promotional product providers, Natalie shares her approach to business.
Spotlight on Alex Long
7 Oct 2020
Alex shares what she would say her younger self and what a typical day as CEO for one of NSW's most important multicultural youth support organisations

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