The following is a list of fees payable relating to PLC Sydney Preschools.

A.        Pre-Enrolment Fees

Application Fee - $440
This fee covers administration costs associated with temporarily reserving a place for the student in the nominated year. This fee is non-refundable and is inclusive of GST. Registration is not a guarantee of enrolment. 

Enrolment Fee - $1,000
This fee, when paid, confirms acceptance of the offer of a place at one of our PLC Sydney Preschools. This fee is not refundable.

Please note, that if your daughter went on to become a student at PLC Sydney (Presbyterian Ladies' College), this fee would be included as part of PLC Sydney's enrolment fee. 

B.        Fees Upon Enrolment

Accounts will be posted before the commencement of each term and are due for payment within fourteen (14) days of being rendered, unless otherwise indicated on the fee statement. 


Fees for attendance at PLC Sydney Preschools are: $130.00 per day, per child. 

NOTE: Please note that PLC Sydney Preschools fees are NOT eligible for a Government Rebate.  

2.         PAYMENT OF FEES

Fees are payable as per the Conditions of Enrolment. No receipts are issued unless specifically requested. 

Preschool fees may be made by cheque, credit card or BPAY. Please contact the College Bursar regarding any queries related to fees. (+612) 9704 5666. 

NOTE: Fees are subject to alteration.  Receipts will be issued for all non-electronic fee payments on request.

Students will not be able to start a new term whilst fees from the previous term remain outstanding.

download-icon  For further information on our school fees please download our Fees Schedule 2019 here, or contact the Enrolment Office.

online-payments-icon To pay your school fees, please click here to go through to our ONLINE PAYMENTS.


Mrs Catherine Marvell
Director of Enrolments
Tel: (+612) 9704 5695
Email: preschoolenrolment@plc.nsw.edu.au