Issue 16, 2011

Music Notes

Silent Film Festival – Asia Music and Languages Tour Fundraiser

A special evening was held last weekend on Saturday 10 September – the first ever Silent Film Festival at PLC Sydney!

Hosted by Dr Peter French , Chairman of the Foundation, those who attended  were treated to some wonderful jazz and 1920s contemporary songs, sung by Anna Doolan, Alessandre Alonso, Madeleine O’Dea and Peyton Cole ably accompanied by Mr Andrew Basile. A dance demonstration was also presented by Jesse Downes, Peyton Cole, Anna McHugh and Bronte Locke. Dressed in the styles of the 1920s, the girls wowed the audience with their wonderful performances.

Silent Films presented by Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Chase and Buster Keaton were expertly accompanied by an extremely talented pianist – Mr Mauro Columbus.

Special thanks must go to the Music Support Group who helped to provide afternoon tea for the people who attended the matinee sessions on the Saturday afternoon: Sharon McHugh, Grace Lubrano, Moira Bettega, Mary Ann Cameron and Christine Hamilton.

In the evening Lisa Tomlinson Alonso and Rosaria Cusumano led a capable team of parents who helped provide the food for the crowd. Thanks to Mr James O'Dea for the ‘loan’ of his vintage 1930s Buick and to Josephine Mitchell for her choreography of the dancers on the night.

Finally very special thanks to Mr Philip Brewer and the Foundation for supporting the event and the idea of Silent Films at PLC Sydney. Thanks so much to all who attended and to all the wonderful families who helped sponsor the event. $2000 was raised toward the Asian Music and Languages Tour of 2012.

Important – Asia Music and Languages Tour 2012 – Next Meeting

A reminder that a parent and student meeting will be held from 7.00 pm in the Audrey Keown Theatre on Monday 24 October. All girls travelling and their parents should be in attendance.

PLC Sydney and Sydney Grammar St Ives String Concert

Congratulations to all the girls in Evandale Strings, Junior Orchestra and Hamilton Strings for the wonderful performances at the 10th Anniversary Strings Concert with Sydney Grammar St Ives. Parents, friends and staff were treated to a superb concert of strings and orchestral music on Monday 12 September. The venue was the newly finished Concert Hall at Sydney Grammar in College Street, Sydney.

Ranging from new Australian string pieces to songs by the Beatles and orchestral pieces by Mozart and Holst. The concert featured amazing string playing by some very young talented musicians from both schools. As a fitting conclusion several Senior School students from both schools were invited back to perform an amazing piece for over 200 string players -  written and arranged by Stephen Chin – originally commissioned by PLC Sydney for the 120th Anniversary Concert – The Armed Man Sees The Light! A wonderful finale!

Special thanks must go to Mr Michael O’Dea and Ms Monique Curiel for all the concert programming, organisation and rehearsals. Thanks also to Mr Martin Smith from Sydney Grammar St Ives and to all their music staff.

Lastly special thanks also to all the PLC parents who helped transport the girls to all the rehearsals in the weeks leading up to this wonderful concert. You should all be proud of your daughters.

Tango Oz Workshops and Concert

Monday 14 November 2011

This year our Annual Choral Concert to be held on Monday 14 November will showcase some performances from all of our Senior School choirs and the music of Tango Oz. During the day in the Period 4 Assembly, Tango Oz will also be coming in to demonstrate the Tango to the school.

Tango Oz is a small group of musicians led by Maggie Ferguson. Established in 2009 in collaboration with the Sydney Youth Orchestra, Tango Oz makes The Argentinean Tango accessible to wider audiences. Our PLC Chamber Choir will be learning a work that will be sung in collaboration with Tango Oz. Dancers of the Tango will also be coming to perform and educate students about this beautiful dance style.

The afternoon will take the form of workshops from 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm and a concert from 6.30 pm. Tango Oz will start the programme and the evening will end with performances from all the senior choral groups, including Vocal Ensemble, Madrigal Group, College Choir and Chamber Choir. The evening is expected to finish before 8 pm.

This year all proceeds from ticket sales will go toward fund raising toward the 2012 Music Tour to Asia.

All tickets are $10 and can be purchased online from 10 October 2011.

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