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Ex-students' Union

About the PLC Sydney Ex-students' Union

The PLC Sydney Ex-students’ Union boasts a membership of just over 2000. The decision to belong is voluntary and for many the decision to join is made as they leave PLC, usually at the end of Year 12.

Benefits of Membership include the opportunity to attend various social functions, a newsletter in February outlining the events for the year ahead and a Magazine in September, containing reports from many of our members.

The Ex-students' Union hosts several events each year.

The Ex-students' Union donates four prizes to be awarded on Speech day. Those prizes are the Eunice Macindoe Memorial Prize for Science, the Annie Wallace Memorial Prize for Music, the A A(ALICE) Uttley-Todd Memorial Prize for a Domestic Science Subject and the Jessie Sinclair Memorial Prize for good Citizenship.

The Ex-students’ Union Scholarship was set up to assist relatives of ex-students as they commence their final two years at PLC Sydney.

All of the above activities, newsletter and the magazine are coordinated by a small band of volunteers who form the PLC Sydney Ex-students Committee.

2010/2011 Ex-students’ Union Committee

PresidentRobyn McBride (Hailey)robynmcb@bigpond.net.au

Gwen Bosler (Stuart)

Jessica Wickenden 
SecretaryElizabeth Gregory (Cornish)rumpole11@optusnet.com.au
Assistant SecretarySara Thorpsthorp@colonialfirststate.com.au
TreasurerRae Gower (Hoore)raegower@ozemail.com.au
Assistant TreasurerAnn McDonaldann.anderson@bordernet.com.au
Editor of Magazine
Ann McDonaldann.anderson@bordernet.com.au
Committee Members

Lesley Meldrum (Morgan)

Judith Hincksman (Hummerston) 
Catherine Marvell (Davidson) 
Josephine Williams (Cripps) 
Victoria Hailey 
National Council of Women Representatives 

Robin Guthrie



Mia Ilias


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Former students of PLC Sydney are invited to join the Ex-Student's Union.

Ex-students who would like to hold a function at the college are requested to write to the Principal's Office in the first instance to request the use of the facilities.

From the President

I have always felt that once a PLC Sydney girl, always a PLC Sydney girl. It seeps into ones blood. We don’t leave our friends behind at the big green gates along with our faded berets. There’s a camaraderie among the girls that breaks the passage of time (admittedly Facebook makes it a little easier these days). My time at PLC Sydney and subsequently/currently in the Ex-students' Union, has shown me this. My years at PLC Sydney, both as a student and many years later as a parent, have been amongst the happiest of my life. PLC Sydney imbues its ex-students with certain qualities that distinguish them from the average school graduate.  

In conclusion, it would seem that, like magnets we ex-students are drawn back to the school by its warmth, the friendships it fosters and the desire to give something back. PLC Sydney by way of its exceptional staff and its extensive charity works taught us to look beyond ourselves and help others. It also taught us kindness, Christian purpose, consideration for others and to follow our hearts and not be afraid to pursue excellence.  

So what are those qualities that set we PLC Sydney girls apart? Perhaps the best way to reveal some of these qualities is to introduce you to the members of our committee and to see why they have elected to remain involved with PLC Sydney.

Robyn McBride (Hailey)

Mary Mortlock (Harker) (1933 –1940)


Shubra Hall and the gardens are the most treasured parts of the School to Mary. She remembers the Maze was a path winding between high hedges and was located on the far side of the Sunken Lawn. To a young lady, the Maze, seemed steeped in magic. It was a favourite spot to play at lunchtimes. Sadly the Maze is no longer in existence, some time ago it was replaced by the Running Track and more recently, by the Ex-Students Walk. Mary is sure that one of the Bowers remains, between the Rose garden and what used to be called the Boarders Lawn, in front of College Hall. Mary hopes that the Sunken Lawn will always remain as a part of the heart of the school.

Robyn McBride (Hailey) (1967-1976)


During her time at PLC a huge plus was the making of life-long, precious friends. Memories include swinging on the old oak tree net and swimming in the freezing pool. PLC taught her that being female was no obstacle to achievement. Consequently, when she and two female business partners applied for a loan to purchase a Pharmacy in 1988, they had no idea that they were ground-breakers. Her best Ex-Student memory is the Diamonds are Forever Evening, the School fundraiser in MARCH 2009. The school Pipes and Drums Band stir her heart. Robyn’s daughter Victoria Hailey (Whitehead) attended PLC from 1993 to 2005. Also wonderful years, brimming with happiness where it was comforting to find teachers like Miss Keown, Mrs Nutt, Miss Webb, Miss Tan and Miss Rennie were still there. Robyn’s sister Karen Bryan and her daughter Elizabeth also attended PLC.

Sara Thorp (1996 – 2001)

ESU High Tea Coordinator

Sara is the daughter of  Julie Thorp (Goodsir). Julie, is a former ESU president.  Sara’s strong leadership qualities were evidenced at school where she was the International Exchanges Prefect. Sara enjoys being on the Committee. She co-ordinates our Annual Cocktail Party. Her involvement with the Committee has enabled her to meet other ex-students from different year groups. Sara is the Commonwealth Bank Human Resources Manager, Wealth Management.  Sara’s sister Vanessa (2003) was also a member of the ESU Committee until May 2009 when she resigned due to an overseas exchange study commitment.

Gwendoline Bosler (Stuart) (1945-1949)

Vice President

PLC days were the happiest days of Gwen’s life, which could account for the reason why she is still involved with the College and the Ex-Students’ Union. Whilst at school, Gwen represented PLC in all sports available at the time. She has been a member of the Ex-Students Union since 1949 (60 years!!)  Both Gwen’s daughters, Vicki and Suzanne attended PLC as did her two sisters Carolyn and Judith. Gwen’s cousin Helen Carter (Stuart) also attended PLC (1958) as did Helen’s daughter Kathryn (2001).   Gwen carries many wonderful memories of happiness, fun, laughter and treasured friendships which continue today. Given the opportunity, Gwen would turn the clock back and do it all over again!

Rae Gower (Hoore) (1946 - 1949)


Rae is the first of three generations of PLC girls.  Her daughters Wendy and Jillian and her granddaughter Dani have also enjoyed the education that PLC has to offer. When Dani left PLC, Rae wanted to maintain her involvement with the College and joined the Committee. Rae has been involved with the Ex-Students” Committee for about six years Rae was assistant treasurer for 5 years and now enjoys the position of Treasurer.  Rae also often arrives with her husband Bill who is happy to lend a hand on mailing days and at the Sausage sizzle.  Rae’s cheerful daughter Wendy Grogin is always happy to help out at our functions.

Elizabeth Gregory (Cornish) (1957 – 1961)


A third generation PLC girl, Elizabeth, a Hospital Pharmacist and baby sitter to her 14 grandchildren, provides continuity, help and support to the current President. During the past 5 years as a committee member and subsequently President, Elizabeth has enjoyed the closer association with the school and meeting new people.  The Centenary Luncheon, on Jersey Day 2006 was an exciting and enjoyable day for her as her interactions that day, highlighted the camaraderie which is strongly maintained between generations of Ex-Students wherever they meet and mingle. Elizabeth’s year group has infrequent but wonderful reunions and a website which keeps most in touch however diverse their lives. These friendships are a great legacy from school days. Elizabeth’s three daughters, Natasha, Anna and Phillipa, attended PLC between1982 – 1991. Phillipa still returns to play the organ beautifully on Jersey Day. Elizabeth’s charming husband Roger is always happy to be of assistance, whether it be to barbeque or set up a stall on Open Day.

Ann McDonald (1961 – 1965)

Editor of ESU magazine

Professionally she was part of the college administrative staff for many years, until her retirement in 2005 so that she could spend more time at her Mudgee property.   She has for the past 10 years been Editor of the Magazine.  Ann also organises the printing of all programmes and order of service for Jersey Day as well as preparing the January newsletter. She co-ordinates the Ex-Student House Choir Night Sausage Sizzle which is a fundraiser and PR exercise for the ESU.  Ann’s family connections with the college have been over four generations from her grandmother in 1902 to her daughter, Amanda 1987-1998. Amanda recalls with pleasure her teacher Mrs Smyth who taught her in Kindergarten and Year 2.

Lesley Meldrum (Morgan) (1946 – 1955)  

Following teaching in Country NSW, Lesley returned to the Needlework Department of PLC where she taught for the next eight and half years. She was invited to join the ESU Committee in 1970 and remembers that the meetings were held at the Girls’ Secondary Schools Club in the Gowings Building. In 1986 Lesley returned to PLC’s Textiles and Design Department and was again invited to join the ESU Committee, by which time the meetings were being held at PLC in Shubra Hall. During Lesley’s time of involvement with the Committee, she has served with 16 presidents. The things that Lesley cherishes most after all her years of involvement with PLC are the friendships that she has established with fellow pupils, members of staff and students.
Judith Hincksman (Hummerston) (1961 – 1956) - former Vice President
Judith joined the Committee in 2000 after prompting by Miss Ronne Webb, (a childhood friend and a teacher at PLC for many years). She attended “mail out days” and was warmly welcomed to the committee in 2006.  The values that Judith cherishes include kindness, consideration for others and a sense of Christian purpose.

Jessica Wickenden (1991 – 2005)

One of only two committee members to have finished school this century.  She is now a Sydney University student studying B.Science (Honours) majoring in Psychology and Urban Geography. Her fondest memories of PLC days include rowing in the PLC First Eight. She continues to coach rowing at PLC.  Jessica adds a youthful dimension to our Committee.

Catherine Marvell Catherine Marvell (Davidson) (1962-1975)

Catherine has many fond memories of PLC. Her earliest memories are of Branxton Speech Days held in Strathfield Town Hall, the maypole with Mrs Harris playing the ‘fiddle’, nature walks through the jungle and fresh bread sandwiches on Mondays. Catherine returned to PLC in 1995 as a Junior School teacher and while the facilities had changed dramatically, the warmth and friendliness she experienced as a student were still present. Her daughter, Clare commenced at PLC in 1999, and shares the same fondness for the College. Catherine is now the Registrar at PLC and enjoys sharing the College with new comers.

Jo Williams (Cripps) (1970 – 1975)

Jo remembers travelling to PLC from Beecroft.  In 2001, her daughter Annabelle commenced at PLC, also travelling each day from Beecroft.  Jo noticed the enormous changes that the school had undergone during her 30 year absence, but despite lots of transformations, the feel of PLC was the same.   Jo feels that being part of the Ex-Students’ Committee is a chance to once again be involved with the school community.  Jo looks upon her Committee involvement as an opportunity to give back a little to the school.


Robin Guthrie (1948 – 1951)

National Council of Women Representative

Robin really enjoyed her time at school.  She recalls Miss Spinks, an exceptional and inspiring English teacher who insisted on constantly striving to write good English. Music was also a big feature of school life. Robin worked at the CBC and National Banks, mostly in travel and was fortunate to enjoy many overseas trips. She has been associated with the Ex-Students’ Union for the last seven years and for the last four years has been our NCW representative. In this role, she feels that PLC has been able to help women in the community.  She is always a willing helper on Mailing Days and Jersey Day.