From 16–20 March the Music Department, staff and students enjoyed a wonderful week of composition and lessons with Mr Paul Jarman. Girls in the Junior School from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 were treated to lessons on rhythm reading and writing, pitch reading and singing games. In Stage 4, Years 7 and 8 students worked on composition activities related to their rhythmic and melodic assessment tasks, dissecting a known melody and also adding rhythms to words to create ostinato patterns.

Girls in Stage 6, Years 11 and 12, worked with him as they developed a melody in the baroque style and/or added a ground bass line to the baroque melodies they had already written. Year 12 students were able to work individually with Paul Jarman on their HSC submitted core and elective compositions.

It was a wonderfully busy week during which Paul Jarman also spoke to the girls in the Chamber Choir and Madrigal group about his commissioned work for the choir called Malala, which will have a world premiere at PLC Sydney’s Annual Music Festival in June. Mr Jarman also discussed a new piece for the smaller PLC Sydney Madrigal Group, which he is currently writing.