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PLC Sydney was represented at NSWCIS Championships by six divers. Tyra Olsson (Year 12) Paige Banducci (Year 9), Madeline Gee (Year 9), Lauren Flint (Year 8) Yekun Niu (Year 7) and Zoe Leckie (Year 7). All girls are to be commended on their great sportsmanship. Zoe finished 3rd in the 13 Years Springboard, Tyra finished 2nd in the 17-19 Years Springboard and Platform and Lauren finished 1st in the 14 Years Springboard and Platform. Zoe, Lauren and Tyra represented the CIS at the NSW All Schools where Tyra won bronze in the 17-18 Years Platform, Lauren won gold in the 12-14 Years Springboard and silver in the Platform. Lauren and Tyra will now compete at the 2017 Pacific School Games held at South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre 3-9 December 2017.




A talented team of 20 swimmers from PLC Sydney were selected to represent NSWCIS at the All School’s Swimming Championships last week and they returned with a swag of medals.

Impressing in the pool, in particular, were the school’s seven relay teams who all medalled:

  • The 2 senior teams won gold in the Freestyle and silver in the Medley
  • The 2 intermediate teams won bronze in the Freestyle and the Medley
  • The amazing junior teams both snared gold!  Donna Choi (Year 8), Jasmine Tran (Year 9), Anna Lee (Year 7) and Paige Jones (Year 7) won gold and broke a 21-year-old record by over half a second!  An outstanding performance
    Donna, Anna and Paige teamed up with Alex McDougall (Year 8) in the Freestyle to also win gold
  • The all age team rounded off with a bronze medal

Outstanding individual performances include:

  • Jasmine Tran (Year 9) added to her record winning relay gold with three individual medals - gold in 50m, 100m and 200m Breaststroke
  • Anna Lee (Year 7) added to her two gold and one bronze medal with four individual medals - gold in 50m and100m Freestyle and silver in 50m Butterfly and 400m Freestyle
  • Donna Choi (Year 8) in addition to her two relay golds and one relay bronze picked up two individual medals - gold in 50m and 100m Backstroke
  • Paige Jones (Year 7) in addition to two gold medals won three individual medals - gold, silver and bronze in 50m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke and 100 Freestyle respectively
  • Lauren McDougall (Year 11) added to her gold and silver medals with four individual medals - gold in 50m Backstroke, silver in 50m and 100m Freestyle and bronze in 100m Backstroke
  • Sarah Kemp (Year 12) added to her gold and silver medals with two individual medals - silver in 50m Breaststroke and bronze in 50m Freestyle
  • Mariah Moshovis (Year 10) added to her three bronze medals with three individual medals - silver in 50m Breaststroke and 100m Butterfly and bronze in 100m Freestyle
  • Samarah Melia (Year 10) in addition to three bronze medals won two individual medals - silver in 100m Freestyle and bronze in 200m Freestyle.
  • Chloe Yoo (Swimming Captain) added to her gold, silver and bronze medals and ending her reign as swimming champion with an individual bronze in the 50m Butterfly. Chloe anchored the senior relay teams with the gold medal being shared with Megan McConnell (Year 12), Sarah Kemp (Year 12) and Lauren Mc Dougall (Year 11) - a fitting end to some of the school’s finest swimmers.

Other individual medalists were:

  • Madeleine Hardy (Year 8) gold 
  • Isabella Jobling (Year 12) two bronze
  • Emily Yoon (Year 7) silver
  • Heidi Watkins (Year 9 ) silver
  • Sarah Clifton- Bligh (Year 8) bronze
  • Victoria McLeod (Year 7) bronze

The team to represent NSW will be named soon.  Unfortunately, All School’s was as far as the relay teams can go.  PLC Sydney being the best relay team in three out of the possible seven relays in the state, and the other four relay teams winning a medal.
Congratulations to all swimmers and coaches.


Senior Athletics Carnival


Image (from back left to front right): The 10 fastest students at PLC Sydney across 100 metres – Lina Bang, Anna Dowling, Lara Ralph, Alessia Dal Pane, Ella Garnett, Tara Jones, Ashley Allman, Margaret O’Reilly, Alyssa Wedd and Abigail Stevanovic (2017 100m Champion).

Senior School students showed off fantastic school spirit at the 2017 Senior School Athletics Carnival held at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre on Thursday 4 May. The Athletics squad for 2017 will now compete at four twilight competitions during Term 3 while preparing for the IGSSA carnival on Wednesday 16 August.
The following athletes produced stellar performances which resulted in new records being set:

  • Abigail Stevanovic (Year 10) Intermediate 200m – 26.29
  • Sarah Ong (Year 9) Intermediate Javelin – 32.64m (Sarah broke her own record from 2016)
    Top three place getters per age group were:
  • Junior (11-14 years) – 1st Margaret O’Reilly, 2nd Anna Dowling, 3rd Tara Jones
  • Intermediate (15-16 years) – 1st Alyssa Wedd, 2nd Emily Gralton, 3rd Moriah Moshovis
  • Senior (17-18 years) – 1st Lina Bang and Kendall Lane (Joint Champions), 3rd Isabella Jobling
  • Transition Class – 1st Lauren Webber and Sarah Clifton-Bligh (Joint Champions), 3rd Chloe Bridges-Webb

Abigail Stevanovic (Year 10) won the last event of the day – The Invitational 100m title with a performance of 13.11 seconds

Kinross was crowned Champion House. 

Keep an eye on for more photos from the day.


School Sport Australia Triathlon Championships


Image (left): Emily Moloney (Year 8) running her way into 17th place at the School Sport Australia Triathlon Championships.
Image (right): Hannah Moloney (Year 10) starts in the water with the other Intermediate competitors during the School Sport Australia Triathlon Championships.

Congratulations to Emily Moloney (Year 8) and Hannah Moloney (Year 10) who represented NSW at the recent SchoolSport Australia Triathlon Championships, held at Penrith Regatta Centre. Both girls went into camp with the NSW team and were fortunate enough to hear from former Olympic medallists in the lead up to the three days of racing.

Emily Moloney finished 17th in the Junior (12-14 years) event.

Hannah Moloney finished 11th and first from NSW in the Intermediate (15–16 years) event. 

During the National Schools Triathlon Championships, Amelia Smith (Year 8) finished 8th in the Junior Aquathon (12–14 years) which consists of a swim and run.

Chelsey Johnson (Year 9) finished 16th in the Intermediate (15–16 years) non-drafting Triathlon.


IGSSA Cross Country


Congratulations to the 45 PLC Sydney girls competed at the IGSSA Cross Country Championships at Frensham on Friday 12 May 2017.

On a glorious autumn day, the 14 years age group led the way with a 4th place finish to Emily Moloney (Year 8), Anna Dowling (Year 9) and Margaret O’Reilly (Year 9). 

Two students produced outstanding individual performances and were rewarded with selection in the IGSSA Cross Country team to compete at the NSWCIS competition on Thursday 15  June:

  • Emily Moloney (Year 8) 9th in 14 years
  • Anna Dowling (Year 9) 14th in 14 years

Image (from back left to front right): 14 Years Cross Country competitors - Alexandra Bell (Year 8), Kathleen Cox (Year 8), Charlotte Guest (Year 8), Haley Mills (Year 9), Margaret O’Reilly (Year 9), Anna Dowling (Year 9), Emily Moloney (Year 8) and Rachel Waugh (Year 8).


issue0917-sport-6IGSSA Touch Football Selection

Congratulations to Margaret O’Reilly (Year 9) who has been selected into the IGSSA Under 15 Touch Football team. This IGSSA side will compete at the CIS Championships on 30 May 2017 at Penrith. 
Margaret has capped off a busy few weeks with selection for the NSW Touch Football 2017 merit team after performing strongly for the Sydney Mets representative team.

 Image: Margaret O’Reilly (Year 9).






issue0917-sport-7IGSSA Football Team Selection

Congratulations to Abigail Stevanovic (Year 10) who has been selected in the IGSSA Open Football team. Abi and her IGSSA side played in the NSW CIS Football Championships from 22-23 May at Valentine Sports Park.
Image: Abi Stevanovic (Year 10).






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