Traffic Update and Croydon Station

issue0917-no-right-hand-turnNo Right Turn Sign on Boundary Street 

Burwood Council has now written formally to me to advise that they have rejected our request for the removal of the 'No Right Turn' sign on Boundary Street. I will publish the letter in full to the College Community and discuss traffic issues at the Parents' & Friends Meeting, Monday 5 June, in the Macindoe Research Centre (level 3), commencing at 7.00 pm. The meeting will also feature a discussion about robotics, an update on uniforms and information on PLACES. I urge all parents to join us.

Burwood Council has also informed me that the police will be actively booking vehicles that turn right.

PLC Sydney actively supports the laws of the road and care for our neighbours. I urge all parents to obey all road rules.

If you have concerns about the traffic situation, please attend the P & F Meeting on Monday 5 June.

Our record for bringing improvements to traffic on local roads is not good. I have pursued the following three items with Burwood Council to no effect:

  • To make Boundary Street a one way thoroughfare in order to create a safer environment, to permit queuing, and to allow for more children to be picked up from our 'Kiss and Drop'.
  • To add traffic lights on Meta Street to allow for better traffic flow from Young Street over the railway bridge (this request went to the RTA, Ashfield Council and the police as well)
  • To remove the 'No Right Turn' sign at the exit to the roundabout

After each event, Burwood Council has noted that its measure to improve traffic is to fine offenders.

I am meeting with Mr Faker very soon. Our relationship has always been positive with Burwood Council, and I intend to inform him of my/our significant disappointment with their approach to a traffic issue that will get worse as all local school populations increase.

I am grateful for the assistance recently (gratis) of a parent who has an expertise in this area. 
Remember - Monday 5 June, P & F Meeting

Dr Paul Burgis


May/June Croydon Station Notification

Upcoming construction activities

Over the coming months, you may notice the following activities occurring at Croydon Station:

  • Concrete works for new stairs
  • Installation of roofing and building works for the new concourse and station operations building
  • Installation of window frames and ventilation louvres
  • Utilities and services installation
  • Streetscape work
Upcoming night works

To minimise disruption to passengers and ensure the safety of workers, certain activities including installation of roofing which overhangs the rail corridor, need to be undertaken at night when power to the rail line can be isolated.

These activities will be carried out over three nights between Monday 19 June and Friday 30 June 2017 from 12 midnight to 5.00 am

Additional notification will be provided to nearby residents 24 hours prior to these activities. These activities are not expected to generate excessive noise.

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