Duke of Ed - Silver Practice


Image:  Jasmine Chen (Year 11) and Kathy Chen (Year 12). 

Over three days and two night, during the first week of the holidays, a group of eight PLC Sydney students kicked off their holidays with some serious hiking and bushwalking for the Silver Duke of Edinburgh practice journey at Murramarang National Park s.

The group consisted of Lara Ho, Taylor Chan, Roisin Bryce-Stark, Eleanor Clifton-Bligh, Claire Shi and Alexandra Kench (Year 10), Jasmine Chen (Year 11) and myself Kathy Chen (Year 12).

An early morning followed by a four-hour bus ride brought us to where we met our two guides from Land's Edge. We sorted out our equipment and began our journey with several hours of hiking. The first night we camped on a summit and watched the sunset as we enjoyed our dinner and welcomed the chilliness of the night. The next day we made our way through dense bushes and fought against pestering leeches and were rewarded with a beautiful paddock where mobs of kangaroos watched us setting up our tents and doing yoga. The last day passed quickly as we travelled along the coast via the beaches, and before we knew it, we were back in Sydney, reunited with our families.

This trip was challenging but needless to say very rewarding. We really appreciated this opportunity and look forward to our qualifying journey later in the year.

Kathy Chen (Year 12)

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