A Second Top of the World for PLC Sydney

issue0817-top-of-the-worldOur Principal, Dr Burgis, took PLC Sydney in a new direction when he decided to add the Cambridge International Examination Courses to the list of academic choices we offer our students. It showed how committed he was in wanting our students to join the international community by becoming one of the 11 000 institutions worldwide which offer Cambridge courses. It also showed what great faith Dr Burgis has in the PLC Sydney students and their ability to perform on a world stage. This decision has been a wise one as not only have the students excelled at an international level, but once again, a student has received news that they have achieved an Outstanding Learner Award.  Eleanor Lawton-Wade (Year 11) has topped the world in the Cambridge IGCSE Physical Sciences course. This syllabus provides students with a thorough grounding in the basic principles of Physics and Chemistry through a mix of theoretical and practical studies. Students hone their practical skills, learn to manipulate Physics formulae and units and explore analytical and organic chemistry.


'Eleanor is a dedicated student who never lets anything go past that she does not fully understand, which means that in the end, her knowledge of a topic is rock solid.' Mrs Jo McGrouther, Head of Science.


'I love Science as it provides the opportunity to explore the unknown. I hope to one day use Science in creative ways as a means of addressing the challenges of those less fortunate, specialising in humanitarian medicine. I am very interested in the meeting of Science, with human compassion and international relations.' Eleanor


Congratulations Eleanor!

Image: Eleanor Lawton-Wade (Year 11) with Mrs Jo McGrouther (Head of Science).


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