Social debates against Trinity Grammar School

issue0317-social-debates-thOn Friday 10 February, PLC Sydney Debating teams went up against Trinity Grammar School in 12 social debates ending with a tie 6-6. After a long break, the tournaments allowed us to brush up on our skills, it was incredibly enjoyable and valuable to return to the Debating community.

Our PLC Sydney teams put up a good fight and passionately debated topics such as: ‘that developing nations should not hold international sporting events’. Our teams put forward a number of arguments including the economic benefits of international sporting events, the awareness these events create due to the resulting publicity and the sense of unity and community that international sporting events foster. 

With fans blasting, in an attempt to compensate for the lack of airconditioning, we gathered wallets, water bottles and pencil cases to use a paper weights to prevent our speeches from flying away. The social debates were certainly not devoid of humorous entertainment as students scrambled to keep hold of their speeches. 

Overall, the Trinity Grammar School social debates assisted in refreshing and preparing us for what will hopefully be our most successful season yet. Thank you to Trinity Grammar for hosting and to our Teachers and the Coaches for their support.

Our first Independent Schools' Debating Association (ISDA) debate is today, Friday 24 February, at PLC Sydney against Kings! Senior As start debating at 7.00 pm, and juniors debate from 6.00 pm. We invite everyone to come along and cheer us on! We look forward to a brilliant debating season.

Lauren McGrath-Wild (Year 11)

Image (from left): Senior 1sts Julia Raleigh, Jade Lin, Christina Bouletos, Oscar Chaffey, Dean Bozionelos and Neil Lu. 

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