A Leadership Challenge for Year 6


Images: Year 6 students learning about what true leadership means.

On Monday 13 March Year 6 were fortunate to work with Bel Yorston from yLead to really think about what it means to be a leader. Immersing themselves in ideas and practical tasks the girls teased out the key roles of a leader. 

Promoting cooperation, listening to others and empowering colleagues to reach their potential were some of the most significant ideas. As we played a variety of group games, it became obvious that supporting the decisions of others and helping them to succeed was the way to true leadership. Year 6 realised that it was not enough to talk about leading, without actually taking action. 

Through creativity and a positive attitude, we know that Year 6 will take with them the lessons learned during the yLead day. We look forward to seeing them put it all into practice as our 2017 leaders throughout the year.

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